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Hockey: Fifth and sixth win in a row for Salerno Roller in the Italian Cup

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In the Southern Italy knockout round of the Coppa Italia, Campolungo Roller Hospital Salerno last Friday and Sunday secured their last two wins with HP Matera and AFB Giovinazzo with six wins in six matches with the first place in the round of next Saturday 20 November. He should play a playoff with Follonica Hockey, seeded for the first time in the Central Italy group, at the Neutral Stadium.

In the match on Friday 12 November, Salernetti beat HP Matera at home at the Palatolemeri by the final score of 12 to 5 with 5 goals by Giuseppe Giuseppe – 2 by Esposito Daniele – 2 by Durante Gianmarco – 2 by Sabita Francesco – 1 by Baroni Andrea. However, regardless of the goals, the team was flawless in all sectors with an enjoyable match.

In the first leg of Sunday, November 14, Campolungo Roller beat AFP Giovinazzo 6-5 in a very balanced match with a strong opponent who is not used to losing at home. Salernitani goals: 2 by JUDGE Giorgio – 1 by Durante Gianmarco – 1 by ESPOSITO Daniele – 1 by SABETTA Francesco – 1 by JUDGE Giuseppe.

For these two great meetings, the usual greetings and congratulations from the Salernitani fans, the sponsor Gianfranco Camisa, the coaches Giudis Giuseppe and Esposito Daniele and the management of the Campolungo Roller Hospital Salerno. On Saturday 20 November in the event of a win over Follonica, Roller will still have to face Viareggio or Forte dei Marmi in the home and away competitions.

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