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Oh my son, the review –

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My Son review: The movie, available live from January 21 on Amazon Prime Video, tells the story of a father and mother who struggle with one of the worst nightmares that can happen to a parent, the disappearance of a child.

My son: James McAvoy in una scena del

James McAvoy is on stage from beginning to end of the film: he is the ultimate protagonist. In the my son review, the film directed by Christian Carrion is available to stream from January 21 on Amazon Prime Video, a film that tells the story of a father and mother who struggle with one of the worst nightmares that can happen to a parent: the disappearance of a son. My son tells all this through a film split between family drama and thriller and then takes the track for the second film once and for all. But it is the dramatic part that is most convincing, while there is something missing in the detective story.

son’s disappearance

Edmund Murray (James McAvoy) drives to the place where the alarm went off, and he’s already found everyone there, the police and his wife Joanne (Claire Foy). Their seven-year-old son, Ethan, who was at a lakeside vacation camp, has disappeared. The first hypothesis is that he drowned, but we’re also starting to think about a hijacking. Edmund and Joan are separated, she has another partner, and Edmund is always at work. On the other hand, Joanne persuaded Ethan to go on vacation. Thus guilt is added to the research concern.

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The protagonist’s point of view

my son 1

My son: Claire Foy in Mashhad

Why Ethan and not another kid?This is the question the police ask themselves. So they begin to question their work, family status, divorce from their wives, and their relationship with their new partner. Suspicion and guilt increase. My Son is one of those movies that fully embraces the character’s point of view. No omniscient narrator guides us through the story, showing us other sides of the story. The camera is always on Edmund, and we know and see what he sees as he learns, and in this way we partake of his helplessness, remaining in the dark as long as he remains, and inevitably adopting his own point of view.

Two-way check

my son 1

My son: James McAvoy e Claire Foy in una scena

Then we enter with him in an investigation that moves in two directions. On the one hand, the outside, in search of clues that can lead to an explanation, to the solution of the mystery. On the other hand, the investigation is entirely internal: Edmund tries to look inside and within the relationship with his son, to understand what a father is, and what his son feels in this situation, whether he is happy or not. Christian Carrion organizes these movements well, revealing clues and emotions through dialogue and through videos taken from a smartphone that Edmund begins to use. Our cell phone pictures are now our visual memory, and so Edmund somehow tries to make up for lost time, to learn something about his son. But also to find clues to solve the case.

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We are close to the prisoners

my son 3

My son: James McAvoy e Claire Foy in una scena del film

my son It is a film divided into two parts, the first part is more reflective, the second is more action. The first part that seems to approach a movie like Luke, without the unity of time and space and the man alone on stage, but how he puts a man and the father of a family in the mirror to confront his dilemmas. The second is one of those classic films where Mel Gibson or Liam Neeson can be at the center, the one in which the father, the common man, becomes someone else, beyond his limits and his way of being instinctively. to save their child. . In this sense, it approaches, without reaching it, also to the prisoners of Denis Villeneuve, how to investigate how far we can go when we are deeply affected and when we are out of control. Compared to the typical actors of those films, James McAvoy is more diverse, he is able to combine strength and fragility in himself, and his interpretation is the real added value of the film. Claire Foy, too, quit the royal role of Elizabeth II the crownis credible as a tired and tried-and-true woman, and shows her bravery in her choice of roles (let’s not forget that Lisbeth Salander was also, a role that isn’t easy).

Two movies in one but only one works

My son 2 Htstfpo

My son: James McAvoy at the scene

Of these two films in one, the most successful one is definitely the first. The first part, as mentioned, combines the mystery of the disappearance with a more intimate discourse, and it highlights the psychology of the characters well. The final half hour is pure action, and this should be it, but something is missing: a very linear development in the base, a fairly quick puzzle solution, and a final showdown that takes place without being able to play all the cards possible. As for what’s exciting, a few twists and tricks will serve to grab the audience’s attention even more. Instead, the setting worked: the hostile and ruthless nature of Scotland seems to be a bystander fundamentally uninterested in human affairs. Watch from afar and make us feel even more lonely.


In our My Son review, we told you about a movie split between a family drama and action thriller and then takes the track for the second movie definitively. But it is the dramatic part that is most convincing, while there is something missing in the detective story.

because we love her

  • Choosing to tell the story by marrying from a specific point of view, the point of view of the protagonist.
  • James McAvoy offers a compelling explanation, and Claire Foy is no exception.
  • The movie works when it has to delve into the psychological side of the story…

what’s wrong with you

  • …but it acts a little less as a yellow fabric, which turns out to be quite linear.
  • The story was resolved very simply, and some issues are unjustified.
  • During the final showdown, we got the impression that other cards could be played to make everything more attractive.

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