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Have you noticed Chris Evans’ cameo? We reveal it to you

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new netflix movie, Don’t look up, here he is casting stars, which certainly contributed to making it a top-tier product. Among the different names, it is possible that you may have missed a few. Especially talking about Hard-to-find cameo: Chris Evans.

Ma At what point in the movie was Captain America, exactly? It’s not easy to find, so it’s understandable that you haven’t seen it. In fact, the actor does not play a relevant role, because it is just an appearance, and it is not even found in the film credits. One thing that surprised everyone at first, because during the making of Don’t Look Up, the news of Chris Evans arriving on the set immediately made us think he could have a very important role. So who is playing and at what moment can we see it?

in not looking Evans and Devin Peters, actor and director appeared in one of the last moments of the film. Peters is actually interviewed as the protagonist of a disastrous movie that arrives a few days before the end of the world. The upcoming fantasy film is titled Total Destrucion, a parody of typical horrific productions that could have cost up to $200 million. It was very difficult to recognize Evans for a very specific reason: in that scene, in fact, He wears a black wig and wears sunglasses. His attempt was good, but it did not go unnoticed, because nothing escapes the public eye!

at the same time DiCaprio Spiega not looking for In a featured video released by Netflix!

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