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‘Can’t miss a lot’ in new presentation, authors say –

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Hollow Night: SilkSong It is one of the most awaited indie games of recent years. Unfortunately, there is little news on this subject. How long before a new presentation? According to the developers themselves”It can’t be longcertainly! ‘: What they mean, however, is unclear.

Specifically, the statement was part of Team Cherry’s comment to Winning the “Awaited Game” award for Unity Awards 2021. “We are honored that Hollow Knight Silksong won the most awaited game for the Unity Awards 2021 and we greatly appreciate all the fans who support us as we work on the video game. Thank you very much. We look forward to sharing the game with you. It may be a long time, for sure!”

Hollow Night Silksong Battle

It is located around a A very vague phrase Some may consider it a bad sign. Remember, the team confirmed that they were working on Hollow Knight Silksong in 2019. The game was initially seen as an expansion of the first Hollow Knight but has since become a standalone title.

In early 2021, Team Cherry claimed to be in Final stages of development And to run a series of tests. However, the team’s chief marketing officer said the team won’t indicate a release date until they’re sure they have a publishable copy on their hands.

Today, May 11, 2022, a new Nintendo Indie World game will air: as always, fans will hope it’s a good time to see Hollow Knight Silksong again. We’ll be able to find out in a few hours.

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