December 6, 2023

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The third movie is coming here’s the date

The third movie is coming here’s the date

To the delight of fans, Michel Moroni and Simone Sosina announced through social media the release date of the third film of the saga “365 Days”.

Not Much Less: The Third Movie 365 daysThe epic, based on the trilogy of the same name by Polish writer Blanka Lipinska, is finally about to emerge and its beloved heroes have made the news.

Great news for fans of “365 Days”: The third movie is coming and there is a date (Credits: Instagram)

Michel Moroni, translator, protagonist Massimo Torricelli and his colleague Simon SocinnaHe joined the cast as Nacho in the second film, 365 days: nowwhich gave great joy to many who had hoped to return to the dream as soon as possible with the powerful Netflix story.

Of course, again we will find the actress again Anna Maria Cicluca In the role of Laura, quarreling between her husband Massimo and the mysterious gardener Matos, is actually a member of a rival Spanish crime family Torricelli. To make it even more interesting will be finding out what really happened to Laura after Massimo’s ex-girlfriend’s snapshot.

This scene ends with Massimo running towards her to save her after she shoots her brother, who is responsible for the deception that separated them by pushing Laura towards Nacho. What will be the fate of the woman? The second chapter of the saga came out last April, remember? Well, know that we won’t have to wait long for these beloved characters to return.

365 days back with the third movie: official date announced

Morrone and Susinna recently posted posts announcing the third installment of the saga on their Instagram profiles. Former competitor of Dancing with the Stars He wrote: “Are you ready? The next 365 days edition will be released on August 19, 2022.”

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“The next 365 days will be released on August 19, 2022. Are you ready to see what happens?” , reads the caption on the set of photos Susinna posted instead. There are so many emotions waiting for us in this story that are capable of so many transformations and it turns out to be one of the most watched on Netflix.

365 days 3rd movie
Credits: Instagram

date then in August 19 For a third chapter that will surely prove unmissable!