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Among the best Bruce Willis ever (and without losing any tension” – Libero Quotidiano

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only two hours
Sky Cinema Action, 9.15 pm. With Bruce Willis, David Morse and Moss Def. Directed by Richard Donner. 2006 USA production. Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

the plot
Mosley (Bruce Willis) is no longer a young, highly incompetent cop (with alcohol problems) who is considered a waste in his neighborhood. So one day, when the factory is almost empty of young and smart cops, they give him a job that looks like he’s sick. Take a Class 1 criminal from the circuit to court where he has to testify. A short walk (sixteen blocks only) to cover it in two hours. The odd couple takes off, but the journey turns out to be more difficult and dangerous than expected. The escort may be a cheap thug, but he knows a lot. And things about corruption in the county. In fact, some of Moseley’s classmates attack them. They want to match the embarrassing witness. Mosley doesn’t risk anything, but I’m happy to step aside. But Moseley proves to be nonsense. He defends the goalkeeper, and by defending him he finds determination and effectiveness at the best of times. The short trip is full of ambushes. The sixteen blocks proved very difficult to walk.

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why do you see it
Because he’s one of the best Bruce Willis and one of the best Richard Donner (it was supposed to be the last “Lethal Weapon” director’s movie). The voltage does not drop. Behind every block is confrontation. Strictly speaking, it might sound like a video game. But a video game manages to engage even those who only help.

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