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On Netflix there is a thriller from 19 years ago that, between great twists and exceptional cast, you should definitely watch.

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Watch this thriller on Netflix tonight and find out who the serial killer is in this thriller as the twists and turns approach.

Another movie about Netflix Inspired by the scheme Closed room crimesis not to be missed for the constant fluctuations and witty interpretation of all the cast.

Find out who the killer is.identification“, The excitementvisible in the broadcast on Netflix Which begins with the plot dear to the queen of suspense, Agatha Christiewhich the British writer brilliantly suggested in her masterpiece, ten little indiansis a must for closed room puzzles.

This is the reason for “Identit√†”, director of New York James Mangold He spared no expense to recruit for the cast of actors who saw an enormous lineup and the result was satisfactory, as well as to choose the role of a serial killer which was interpreted by Pruitt Taylor Vincewho suffers from nystagmus, an eye disease that causes the eyeballs to constantly wobble, making the actor ideal for the role of a psychopath.

Among other actors stand out John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet and Rebecca De Mornay


Watch the trailer and read the story

On a day filled with torrential rain, 11 people find themselves in a motel on one of the long, deserted streets of the United States.

Everyone is forced to stay for several hours in the 9 rooms of the motel: the family recovering from an accident (mother, father and son), a low-ranking actress with her chauffeur, a policeman escorting a guest, a motel manager, a male artist bent on changing her life and a young couple whose relationship is already in crisis, Although they got married recently.

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All the people who hide the past to be erased and the amorphous present.

All hotel guests will end up under the blows of a serial killer, even after they thought they had gotten away with it. However, it remains to be understood who the killer was among the eleven present in the hotel, who at first seem to have all been killed by the killer.

The twists and turns are just around the corner, in each frame there seems to be a solution to the puzzle and instead to the end it will not be understood what happened in the head of the killer, who even after being brought to justice will be able to get away with it.

How? Watch the thriller on Netflix.

While it’s not a new movie, Identit√† is a dazzling movie right from the start, all played on a double time axis and on the serial killer character double.

However, it will be possible to understand the disclosure of facts only in the end.

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