June 1, 2023

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Rescue workers rush to find survivors – Corriere.it

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The “Villa de Pidonso” sank at 6 a.m. Italian time. There were 24 people on board: 3 rescued, 7 dead and 14 missing. I lost contact with the ship an hour ago

At least seven people have been killed and 14 others missing after a 50-meter-long Spanish fishing boat sank off the Canadian island of Newfoundland. A total of 24 people were on board, two more than initially announced. News organizations report this Afp, Efe And Europa Press Citing Iberian authorities. 3 more were rescued. The search for survivors on Newfoundland Island off the east coast of Canada continues. The Villa de Pitanxo, a fishing boat registered in Marín (Pontevedra) owned by Galician ship owner Manuel Norse, sank at 6 a.m. Italian time.


“Villa de Pidonso”, he reconstructs El BaisTwo warnings were issued, especially at 5.24am (Italian time), but authorities on the ground were unable to contact the boat. Satellites will stop receiving the signal before 6 p.m. In all likelihood the ‘blue box’ may be irregular: it is a device that detects and identifies a fishing vessel. At that time, the weather in the submerged area was bad. After all, this is an area – 460 kilometers from the Newfoundland region – where, according to experts, a lot of atmospheric instability has accumulated, and then it crosses the Atlantic and reaches Europe.


Four of the four life rafts were identified after three hours, but two of them were “completely empty” and the third carried only three survivors. Canadian authorities are now looking for a fourth boat, but for now, it has yet to be found. All three employees who have been rescued so far are in critical condition. Of the 24 team members, at least twelve are Spanish, eight are Peruvian, and two are from Ghana. Several fishing boats have been involved in rescue operations in the area, one from Portugal and the other from Marine, the base port of Villa di Pidonso.

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However, Canadian rescue teams searching for survivors of the ship said they were optimistic despite the adverse weather conditions. “Finding the three survivors on a lifeboat gives us hope that others were able to put on their clothes and board the lifeboat and leave the ship before it sank,” he said.Afp Brian Owens, President of the Canadian Joint Recovery Coordination.


The ship was in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Area, where it fished for halibut, ray, redfish, northern shrimp and cod. “Bad news is coming from the other side of the Atlantic, reports of dead and missing,” Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Dias wrote on Twitter. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is following the “search operations” of the Spanish fishing boat crew “with concern and concern.” “The government is in constant contact with rescue services,” Sanchez said.

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