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Seal on the current account: who risks “blowing” right away

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January bite will not spare Current accounts Italians, especially in this period thanks to the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic, taxpayers tend to save more by accumulating money in their accounts rather than investing it in other financial products. This practice can have negative consequences, with significant increases in taxes payable. But what happens when you deposit a lot of money in checking accounts?

What is the stock limit for keeping

to avoid payingtax fee The limit remains at 5 thousand euros, and it applies to both current accounts and postal books. Once this backlog number is exceeded, a tax of €34.20 for individuals and €100 for businesses must be paid.

Record of current accounts in 2021

In the year coming to an end, in Italy, very high levels of accumulation of funds on checking accounts were reached which raised concern Banks. With the increase in management costs by credit institutions, which derive little from this type of operation, there is a fear of the effect of stagnation of funds, which is why banks are trying to push users to invest in other financial products.

Other increases

In 2022, if Italians continue to focus exclusively on checking accounts, this could be even more dangerous. The stamp duty on the deposit account has also seen a significant increase, from 1.5 to 2 per thousand of the amount invested. That is why it becomes necessary to try to diversify Investments, so as not to fall into the hands of taxes.

When the stamp duty is not paid

In order to be exempted from paying the stamp duty, however, in addition to not exceeding the maximum deposit limit in checking accounts, there are other conditions that must be adhered to. The tax is not paid either in the case of relations between administrative bodies and trust companies, or by non-profit organizations of a union nature. value calculation Inventory It is obtained by adding up the daily balances of the checking account and dividing everything by the reporting days.

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