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Rare video of moose losing its antlers | Glowing

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Using a drone, Derek Burgoyne won Capturing the moment a bull moose loses its antlers (often mistakenly called “antlers”) is an extremely rare event that can be captured on film. The video was filmed in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick when Burgoyne was looking for new phases to expand his collection. The footage shows the moment the moose shakes its head, finally breaking its antlers that Burgoyne later rescues.

Moose shed their antlers in the winter after mating season to conserve energy. Starting in the spring, new horns grow very quickly: usually three to five months are enough to form them. New antlers are covered with a vascular layer of thick skin with short, soft hairs. In September, the sheath is lost due to rubbing and hormonal changes, which inhibit the growth of the antlers and their blood vessels. Levels are eventually lost as seen in the video.

In most species, ants are typical of the uterus and almost always have only male specimens, except in reindeer and some other species. Moose are very large and very impressive and can exceed a meter in width.

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