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“I take you to an empty space where you will be free to be yourself” –

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from Luca Castelli

The singer will be on Tuesday 17th at the Concordia Theater in Venaria

One thing is for sure in the uncertain panorama of contemporary pop music: genres are no longer what they used to be. Terms carved into the grooves of vinyl—like rock, jazz, or hip-hop—can no longer convey the ever-changing soundtrack of the 21st century. And even the smallest formulas, created to depict the present, reproduce only a blurry picture, viewed with suspicion by the interested parties themselves.

Madame (also known as Francesca Calero), confirmed Champion Tuesday at the Concordia Theater in Venaria in a much-anticipated and sold-out live show. Urban is just the concept journalists have used to describe my music, says the 20-year-old singer from Vicenza, but the truth is I have no idea what kind of genre I’m into: there’s a matrix of rap, pop, songwriting, and maybe the future More than rock music. Every piece and every message needs its own type and tool. If you always use the same thing in life, there is a risk that you will always say the same things.

Despite her young age, the lady has already said and done many things: her debut at the age of 16 in 2018 with the single I; First hit with the song Scicche
irrigation, dedicated on Instagram by posting Cristiano Ronaldo; Then an infallible series of singles under their own name and appearing in Others’ Songs that brought them to the gates of Sanremo, nineteen among the big names in 2021 with voice. In the same year they are the first album my lady Off the piste as party manager on Salento Notte della Taranta and presenter on the TV show hyenas.

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Reluctant to give interviews, the lady also cut herself off from social media for a few months: not just for what they could say about me, but also about others. I really hate people who generally judge. A concept was confirmed on May 3 at Alcatraz in Milan, on the tour’s opening date, to welcome fans: this region of the world completely in the absence of a referee. Nobody judges anyone. Nobody has a problem with anything the neighbor or anyone else says. Tonight you are free to say whatever you want, move as you want, and kiss whoever you want. Here in an empty space and you are safe to really be yourself.

In Venaria, he will be accompanied by Carmelo Caruso (keyboards), Dalila Morano (drums), Emanuele Nazzaro (bass), and DJ Estremo.

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