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Protects Bitcoin from Dictatorship | Canada freezes protesters’ accounts but BTC …

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Assumption: We have no Vox or we have absolutely no interest in talking about it here. The Governments I am the best sponsor Bitcoin. And don’t talk about those governments El SalvadorIt was pushed for change $ BTC Inside Legal auction.

Let’s talk about the right ones Democratic scoreAs CanadaIt explains as effectively as possible why we have and need it in these hours Bitcoin. All are linked to the opposition, the reasons for which may or may not be shared. He complains that he saw a reaction Strong And Without precedents By Government of CanadaSomething never seen before, and it allows you to see what one of the intentions of the introduction will be. CBDC.

Fierce Fist in Canada Against Struggles – But Bitcoin …

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Shock in Canada: Accounts for protesters have been disabled

This is news that many of our readers consider to be excellent politics and not very relevant to the world. Bitcoin. But still Bitcoin It has something to do with this: firstly, it is a political revolution, and secondly, it is being proposed as an alternative to one of the most brutal measures of global epidemic management. Without going into the qualifications of epidemic management, this is not the point of the discussion and we will try to proceed properly.

  • Ottawa and other cities in Canada have been blocked by widespread protests
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Centralized protests of blocks and gods Sit inside The Country truck driversIt blocks large arteries and now Stand out Several days in the city. Justin Trudeau He first underestimated the magnitude of the protests and then, realizing that they were objectively out of control, decided to use harsh punches. Regardless of one’s political sensitivity, these are real facts, all of which can be verified in Canadian and non-Canadian newspapers.

  • The government’s latest ploy: to freeze the accounts of protesters

The uncontrollable situation has provoked a sharp backlash from both democratic and undemocratic governments over these two years. Something we thought was impossible only a few months ago.

The Canadian government has announced that it has implemented a number of special powers linked to the Emergency Law. Even without the orders of the courts and magistrates – Volume i Current Accounts Those who are directly involved in the struggles or are involved in any way.

We say again: government order can prevent Current Accounts Anyone who fights against the decisions of the government Vaccination duty. I.e. Civil death For anyone, especially truckers who need to use money, as we all do every day. And this, no matter what everyone’s sensitive (not necessarily to agree with truck drivers), could have been imagined by some even a few months ago.

The GoFundMe case: a forerunner of financial repression

Moreover, it all started by unjustly withholding the money collected by the protesters. GoFundMe. Millions of dollars were donated free of charge by supporters of the struggle and unfairly stopped on stage.

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It seems, and we say that it seems due to the lack of official confirmation, again Pressures By Government of Canada. The Characteristic D’Union? It is true that the Canadian government can intervene, regardless of the role of the power-sharing and guarantor. Department of Justice In a liberal democracy, anyone’s economic livelihood is blocked.

And it comes into operation Bitcoin: After the GoFundMe module, wallets were activated for direct donations $ BTC And on the important threshold within a few days $ 1 million. A sign that the community is spinning Bitcoin She is ready to put her hand in her wallet to show the world the usefulness of this technology.

Completely a peer-to-peer version of electronic money

This opens up immortal words Bitcoin white paper. In short, whether they agree or not, even the protesters have a concentration of meanings that demonstrate the importance of such a dark day for the freedom and financial rights of all.

Bitcoin fixes thisI would love to do it again Maximumists – There are some who do not agree with him at this time. Because if the money and accounts of the opponents are really gods Bitcoin wallet No one could take it in hand.

Where do we go with CBDCs? The Canadian government tells us

The Central Bank Digital Currencies Among the many motives by which governments and parliaments can seize the wallet immediately if they do not comply with what they seek.

Those who were skeptical today if clarified directly by the Canadian government. At least for now it requires the cooperation of a third party, in the future, with the currency Centralized but programmable Can interfere even better than that. The threat to the smooth flow of democratic life is something we can never expect from a country like this Canada. We urge our readers to further expand their imagination: what will citizens of historically less independent countries do? Canada When CBDC Are they real?

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Bitcoin That too is political: but not in the sense of taking the side of those who oppose this or that rule. But in a way that gives everyone access Own money Without the possibility of obstruction of access, powerful or otherwise by a third party.

Yes, Bitcoin fixes this.

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