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eTA Canada: Visa to Canada

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As summer approaches, more and more people are getting ready to spend their summer vacations abroad. As 25 new flights will be delivered from Turin Cassell Airport this year, the incentive to leave our country has already arrived. For those who love unspoiled landscapes and wild places, Canada can be a greedy place.

From September 7, 2021, all vaccinated persons will be allowed to travel and travel again in Canada.

Canada, a state located mostly in the Arctic Circle, offers those who want to visit it the opportunity to get lost in its lakes, parks and mountains. The most visited places are undoubtedly Banff National Park (The oldest and largest in North America) and Jasper National Park. The latter has a spectacular panoramic cableway through which tourists can enjoy the park in all its beauty.

However, to get to the Canadian area, it is not enough just to buy a ticket at the airport, but you have to apply for a visa or ‘eTA Canada Travel Authorization.

What is eTA Canada

The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a mandatory document for all those who wish to fly to Canada and do not have a visa to Canada.

In short, eTA:

  • This is mandatory for anyone who wants to fly to Canada and does not have a visa to Canada;
  • It is valid for 5 years and can be used multiple times;
  • Can be easily obtained by applying online;
  • It costs 19.95 euros and can be paid for with Visa, MasterCard, Nexi, American Express, Postpay or PayPal.
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Why you should have eTA to go to Canada

The eTA is used to prevent anyone who the Canadian government considers a potential threat from entering the country. For this reason, anyone wishing to travel to Canada must apply for it (or a visa) before traveling to that country.

Even those who have to stop and go somewhere else need an eTA.

The document can be requested online at any time of the day by filling out a form in Italian. It is important to remember that eTA is only required for air travelers, as it is not required for land and sea travel.

The eTA is valid for 5 years from the date of issue, but can only be used until the passport used to obtain it is valid. In fact, if the latter expires 5 years ago, the eTA will expire and you will have to reapply for it.

Anyone who wants to travel to Canada should also keep in mind that even if you have an eTA, you cannot stay in the country for more than 6 consecutive months.

If the traveler wants to stay in the country for a long time, he has to prepare himself with another type. Visa for Canada, It changes according to the purpose for which you want to stay in the country. For example, “study permit” for study reasons or “work permit” for work reasons.

What are the conditions for applying for eTA?

This document is issued to travelers with a passport issued by one of the “visa-free countries”, including Italy.

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ETA is the best choice for those who need to travel to Canada for more than 6 months as it is not only cheap but also available quickly and easily. Unlike a normal visa, this document is usually issued within five days, and only in exceptional cases will you have to wait longer.

There is also the option of requesting something like an emergency by paying an additional amount. There is also the opportunity to request the document to multiple travelers simultaneously by submitting a group request.

The request for an eTA is unlikely to be rejected. The main reason for rejection of applications for this document is that the forms are often filled in incorrectly. In fact, many people do not pay attention when filling in the fields in the eTA Canada application form. So they may enter the wrong answer to the eligibility question or the wrong passport number. In this case, the best advice is to re-read the answers entered in the form several times before paying to avoid accidental errors.

If the form is found to be incorrect, the applicant must submit a new application for eTA Canada and pay.

It is very important that all travelers meet all the requirements for eTA Canada. For example, travelers with criminal records or those with infectious disease or drug use are in most cases ineligible to apply for the eTA, and must apply for a visa to Canada. Another factor influencing obtaining an eTA is the type of passport used: the need to actually have a digital chip.

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At the airport, the airline selected for the flight will check the validity of the eTA using the passport number of the passenger traveling to Canada. Although eTA is usually released very quickly, it is best not to ask for it at the last minute.

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