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Unplug. Father has a heart attack –

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From Claudio Del Frit

Shortly before the appeal ruling (which confirmed the first instance verdict), the 12-year-old’s father was taken to hospital in serious condition. Archie is in an irreversible coma after being found hanged

The Court of Appeal in London today rejected the parents’ appeal Archie Battersby, twelve-year-old in an irreversible coma Royal London Hospital doctors want him to be unplugged; The judges of the lower court had already established that all life-sustaining treatments must be stopped. A few hours before the new ruling of the court, Archie’s father had a heart attack He was hospitalized in a serious condition.

Archie Battersbee was found last April hanging with a rope Inside his home in Essex: He was saved but his mind struggled irreparable damage Like jeopardizing her work almost completely. The truth is classified as home accident (Third-party interference excluded) But it was not fully clarified: It was suspected that the boy had accepted Internet Challenge. But no element has confirmed this thesis.

Twelve years now Kept alive by artificial ventilation. The London Hospital team approached the judges to ask whether it was appropriate to extend treatment to the individual He has no hope of recovery and that he will surely go through great suffering. The Court of First Instance ruled that the plug should be pulled by challenging the legal principle on which it is based The protection of the minor shall always prevailEven against the will of the parents. The latter, in fact, motivated by strong religious feelings, always opposed the end of Archie’s life. The judges have already responded A verdict was passed in a similar case, that of little Charlie Gard.

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The Battersby family has filed an appeal But the second instance court also upheld the ruling. Precisely because of the illness that the boy’s father had Family lawyers requested a postponement From the sentence and postponement for not being accepted. It was awarded instead Another postponement of the ventilation season Artificial to little Archie to allow more recourse to European Court of Human Rights.

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