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Behaves like natural medicine: Doctors in Canada may prescribe parks as treatment

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Physicians in all four provinces of Canada are now allowed to recommend annual passes to national parks, thanks to PaRx, Canada’s first national nature recommendation program.

It is already known that spending time in nature improves health, but now, after those in Japan and the United Kingdom, doctors in Canada may also recommend it as a treatment. In fact, thanks to PaRx, the first national natural medicine program, physicians in four provinces in North America can give their patients one year’s free admission to various natural areas.

British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the top four Canadian provinces in which the innovative program will be used, but it is hoped that by the end of 2022 it will be expanded to the entire country. There is free access between natural sites suitable for forest treatment: national parks, historical sites or marine conservation areas.

The project was accepted with open arms and its proponents claim that it has unique healing effects on physical and mental health. However, its potential does not end there. These types of drugs are also a valuable tool to help improve patient health and improve environmental protection.

PaRx’s commitment to improving the health of patients and the planet was recently recognized by the World Health Organization in its special report on COP26 climate change and health, described as a way to promote nature’s conservation and restoration. Health is one of two case studies cited in North America, ”the program website reads.

For now, it is a priority to provide these natural remedies to patients living near these natural areas and to those who find it difficult to pay the annual subscription, but as demand increases, the program will be expanded.

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This approach, now supported by many studies, is an excellent response to the sitting and critical habits of modern society, which has become more severe with epidemics, as well as a way to return to nature. Communicating with nature is good for the health and well-being of the individual, the community and the planet. Hope it comes to Italy sooner or later.

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