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Road accident, Ann Heck is stable in hospital: family requests confidentiality

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According to the reconstruction, the 53-year-old girl’s car was passing

At full speed

At an intersection, he swerved off the road and crashed into a house in Mar Vista, west of the US city, just before 11 a.m. The car stopped inside a two-story house, which immediately caught fire. It was needed

60 firefighters

A watch to put out a fire. Heche was pulled from the car by firefighters but was not initially recognized. Only later the police identified the actress from the car documents in her name.

US TV footage showed Heche’s blue Mini Cooper Clubman, badly damaged and burned, being towed out of the house, with the blonde woman sitting on a stretcher writhing as firefighters loaded her into an ambulance. No other injuries were reported

No arrests have been made


Originally from Ohio, Heche is best known for her role in the TV series “Another World” (“Destini” in Italy), for which she won a Daytime Emmy in 1991. In the late 1990s, she became one of Hollywood’s most iconic films, a fixture on magazine covers. And high-budget movies. was acting with

Johnny Depp and Al Pacino

In the 1997 movie “

Donnie Brasco

with Tommy Lee Jones in 1997’s Volcano; with Harrison Ford in 1998’s “Six Days, Seven Nights”; with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix in 1998’s “Time to Make a Decision” and in 1997’s “I Know What You’ve Done” .

His relationship with the actress and presenter

Ellen DeGeneres

From 1997 to 2000, her fame increased and she constantly featured in the spotlight. In the fall of 2000, shortly after the breakup, Heche was hospitalized after knocking on a stranger’s door in a rural area near Fresno, California. Authorities said she sounded trembling and stunned, speaking incoherently. In a memoir published the following year, “Call Me Crazy,” Heche revealed that she had fought her whole life with

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Mental illness

Also because of childhood abuse.

She was married to a telephone operator

Coleman Lavon

From 2001 to 2009. The two had a son. Then she had another child during a relationship with the actor

James Tupper

, starring with her in the TV series “Signali d’amore”. In recent years, Heche has worked steadily in small productions, on Broadway and in a number of TV shows, and most recently she starred in the series “Chicago PD” and “All Rise”, while in 2020 she participated in the American version of “Dancing with the Stars ” .

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