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A reliable leak reveals the free games for the month of April for PS4 and PS5

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Here we are again a few hours afterFree PlayStation Plus games announced for April 2022The Leaked Belbel Cone from Dilabs Unveiling Sony’s subscription service suite of software early next month, it reveals free PS4 and PS5 games available starting April 5th.

According to the leak, subscribers will be able to download three new games in April: Hood outlaws and legends For PS4 and PS5, slay the spire And the SpongeBob SquarePants Battle Moisturizing Bikini BottomsThe last two PS4 versions are compatible with PlayStation 5.

The three new games It will be available from April 5 to May 3However, it appears that there are no additional games other than the three mentioned titles. Dealabs in recent months has proven to be very reliable regarding leaks for PlayStation Plus, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, last month there was confusion about some titles that were not properly disclosed but the source is definitely reliable.

To see if the leak corresponds to reality We’ll have to wait until 17:30 on Wednesday 30 MarchAnd the In the meantime, there is the unknown PlayStation SpartacusA service according to rumors that must be announced at the beginning of the week.. Also, in this case, we will know more between today and tomorrow?

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