March 31, 2023

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In Zona Calcio, Erotic Indiscretion: A Step Back by Roberto Peggy?

“By the end of the year, there may be significant news associated with the leadership of the Red and White Company.” Paolo Gentillotti, journalist at Libert√†, expressed himself this way in relation to the increasingly assertive voice linked to a possible step backwards by Roberto Peggi, president of Piacenza, who could quickly leave his leadership role in Via Gora. “He will do so, but only if he has guarantees that the level of the club will be at least equal to the current level,” Gentillotti said. Waiting for the corporate revolution that has already begun with the return of Luca Mattiaci as sporting director and Marco Gatti as unofficial director, the red and white team is now called upon to embark on a very complex comeback that will soon pass through another technical revolution this time around. In fact, the company carefully monitors the different profiles of players who could be a good fit for the Scazzola team. Among these, there is also the name of Marco Moscati, the South Tyrol midfielder for two seasons.

Last night at Zona Calcio there was talk of this, but not only. The affairs of Piace and Fiorenzuola have been thoroughly analyzed by the hosts of the bandleaders Michel Rancati and Julia Urbani. Yuri Gonzi and Nicolas Bataiola, the Piacenza striker and Fiori goalkeeper, were exposed to a shootout of journalists’ questions as in the second part of the episode of Ugo Carragnano and Cristiano Romanini, coach and ds from Sarmatize, who were their subjects. Italian amateur football has been explored.

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