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Russian Fedotov was arrested in St Petersburg after signing with the US ice hockey team

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The athlete signed a junior contract with the Philadelphia Flyers of the US National Hockey League. He is accused of evading military service: to move to the United States, he intended to leave the Central Army Sports Club (CSKA), a hockey club of the Russian army whose members are officially military and termination of contracts can be considered illegal

Ivan Fedotov, a Russian ice hockey goalkeeper, has been arrested in Saint Petersburg for fraudulent military service. The athlete signed a junior contract with the Philadelphia Flyers of the US National Hockey League. This was reported by the Russian media. So the dream of playing in the US only lasted for a short time.

Arrested in St. Petersburg

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Fedotov is accused of evading military service. He was arrested in St. Petersburg, where the police began a real manhunt on the orders of military judges. Sports agents waited in front of the Kupchino ice rink, then the goalkeeper was taken to the military registration and enlistment office. After several hours spent at number 54 on Zagorodny Prospect, the athlete was loaded into an ambulance – possibly due to an illness – and spent the night in the hospital.


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The 25-year-old goalkeeper signed a junior deal with the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers last month and was planning to leave his Russian club, Central Army Sports Club (CSKA), in order to play in the United States. . But CSKA is the ice hockey club of the Russian army and its members are officially considered military personnel. Thus, termination of contracts by team members can be considered unlawful. So the Moscow Military Prosecutor’s Office decided to proceed with a precautionary measure to avoid military service. So it was the prestige of the famous player associated with the team of the Ministry of Defense that blew up the project of life away from Russia.

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Who is Ivan Fedotov

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Fedotov already has a great sporting career behind him: last season he was the best goalkeeper in the Continental Hockey League (Khl) and led his team to win the Gagarin Cup, the championship trophy. At the Beijing 2022 Olympics, he played in the Russian hockey country and won the silver medal. Not only that, the Russian, but born in Finland, goalkeeper was nominated among the three finalists for the award for best goalkeeper of the Khl team.

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