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Prices go up but there is a savior

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The Aid bis decree intervenes to protect users under the free market system. Controlling gas prices thanks to the cessation of unilateral changes.

Where the cut does not reach, protection arrives. This appears to be the energy consumption picture until next spring. Expensive energy, in fact, will be protected by the consumption systems themselves.

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That is, it will not be possible for gas and electricity suppliers to propose unilateral contractual changes to contracts in the free market. In this way the billing price will not be able to increase, even in the presence of the right of withdrawal. base set Duplicate assistance decree Which, apparently, intends to leave a tangible legacy on the part of the Draghi government. In fact, all measures have been prepared so that the Italians can next winter It can protect the best inflation growth. First of all, by setting some direct salary assistance. However, trying to provide some proper tools to stop the rising price contingencies without one losing too much of one’s own money.

Measures that the next government will have to strengthen or at least confirm, however, the presence of new resources that seems very difficult to find at the moment. He said this, Regarding energy costs So prices for raw materials will be calmed, as a direct result of the crisis provoked by the war in Ukraine and all measures taken in this regard. For gas in particular, it will be possible to obtain at least a guarantee that the cost of supply does not increase based on unambiguous decisions of the managing companies.

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Gas and light, stop one-sided changes: what is changing for customers

The only details that need to be taken into account are whether the contracts in question belong to the free market system. On the other hand, those who are part of the higher protection regime are required to pay the rates set by Arera. But not only. Three other aspects that should be taken seriously, not only for users but also for those who make use of the service. Effectiveness of contractual clauses that allow unilateral change of the general conditions Suspended until April 30, 2023. The same Aid bis decree states this, to be exact in Article 3. An essential element, if only for the definition of user rights. Not to mention that government intervention will appear retroactive. Another variable in favor of consumers.

In fact, any unilateral modification of contracts will be rescinded under the same Article. The decree states that to date, “notifications sent for the above-mentioned purposes prior to the date of entry into force of this decree are ineffective.” This, provided that the respective modifications have not already been completed. Furthermore, even prior to the introduction of life-saving legislation, there was an obligation for companies to provide at least three months’ notice before an actual contract modification. In this way, most of the so-called “pejorative” intrusions will not be able to reach the auditors. It is also expected Another intervention It aims to protect the weaker sections of citizenship, again from January 2023. The concerned taxpayers will be offered a price for natural gas corresponding to the actual price in the wholesale market.

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