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Dacia Sandero –

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It is among the best-selling cars in Europe and is Dacia’s most successful model, and the Sandero has won more than 2 million users since 2004, the year of its marketing.

Available in two different body types, The Road And step awayThe new Sandero best meets the needs of the Italian public, thanks to its compact exterior dimensions, generous spaciousness and versatility.

there New Dacia Sandero Born on the CMF platform, they are the same as the latest Renault models, and are available on the Italian market with efficient and reliable engines.

A model that perfectly embodies the DNA of Dacia: cars of excellence”money valueEmphasized with complete equipment offered at the right price.

Dacia Sandero: five-door compact and versatile

A strong character expressed by a convincing design, compared to the previous model, its line is more fluid, aerodynamic, the windshield is more sloping, the roof has been lowered by one centimeter, while the ground clearance is unchanged. Solid and safe, the wider track and new wheels, 15 and 16 inches, depending on spec, immediately give the feel of a car firmly anchored to the ground.

Sandero is served in two configurations:

The Stepway is a crossover with a strong personality that is easily recognizable compared to its sister Streetway, due to the rounded hood and the logo placed under the grille. Special for this version is the front and rear bumper, both of which are equipped with a metallic color guard.

It’s also higher off the ground, 174mm, and 41mm more than the “basic” version, thanks to the 16-inch wheels, with an increased diameter and special design. On request, those with diamond finishes are also available.

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Stepway is a model that adapts to any type of use, from everyday use to trips out of town, the inevitable modular roof rails, capable of carrying loads of up to 80 kilos.

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Dacia Sandero: Standard habitability

Practical, comfortable and easy to drive, the driver can count on adjusting the height of the seat and steering wheel, and the latter also in the depth, and on the front armrest, single or central (optional). Easy and comfortable to use, the manual transmission lever has been shortened, the electrically controlled steering allows easy maneuvers even in small spaces, compared to the previous generation Sandero, its operation requires 36% less effort.

The typical “value for money” of Dacia can be easily found in new sanderoWhere comfort and safety go hand in hand. Depending on the specification, accessories are available, as standard or as an option, such as automatic climate control with digital temperature display, keyless entry called “Keyless Entry” with remote luggage compartment unlocking, electric parking brake, front and rear parking sensors and Automatic switching of windshield wipers.

Particular attention has also been paid to the aspect of active safety, in both configurations, there are different elements driver assistance systems (so called ADAS), among the most useful we note the automatic emergency braking, which operates up to 170 km / h, the useful blind-angle sensor, which operates from 30 km / h up to 140 km / h, the parking assistance system, four sensors Front and four rear sensors make it easier for the driver to maneuver and assist when starting to climb slopes, and for two seconds when starting, it is also possible to remove the brake pedal without moving the car back.

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Inevitable, given the modern design of the new Sandero, the presence of six airbags as standard including a new curtain and side that protects the abdomen, chest and head.

Dacia Sandero: also in the ECO-G . version

Efficient and Euro 6D certified enginesThree different types are available:

  • SCe 65: The engine is not available on the Stepway, it’s a 65hp three-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual gearbox;
  • TCe 90: The 90-horsepower turbo petrol engine is available with a six-speed manual gearbox on the Stepway and a six-speed manual gearbox on the Streetway. Also available with a CVT automatic transmission;
  • ECO-G 100: This is the two-fuel variant, Petrol / LPG, which allows up to 1,300 km of autonomy thanks to the presence of two tanks, LPG 50 liters (40 liters actually), the same capacity as Petrol. . To switch the power supply, you only need to press a simple button and even on the go, the switch is unnoticeable.

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