December 6, 2023

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Asiago Hockey: Tonight in Graz for the Parasu boys ice championship

Asiago Hockey: Tonight in Graz for the Parasu boys ice championship

L ‘Asiago Hockey on his way toAustriawhere is she Tonight in 19:15 He will face the army of the gods Grazers in first match From the prestigious Giallorossi history Ice Hockey League.

Finally we are here“, Asiago will make its debut in the Transactions League of 8 Austrian, 3 Italian, 1 Hungarian and 1 Slovenian teams. Compared to the Alpine Hockey League, a tournament that Stellati has participated in in recent years, The technical and amazing level has definitely gone upFor lions, making impact with this new reality will never be easy.

the coach Tom Paraso Struggling with a deeply rejuvenating slate, the company has worked hard to put together a collection that was At the height of the new league. some Champions of the last special seasonWho witnessed the victory of Asiago 4 prizesthey are confirmed, but at the same time they are set well 10 new playersdistributed in all roles.
The task of the coach is certainly not simple, the goal is to succeed Give an ID to the training As soon as possible and there is still a long way to go. The first matches will be used to learn aboutintensity Born in technical level Which the team will have to face in this highly anticipated season.

You will not fall on the ice Canadian Italian Adam Maskrine Why “He’s on a path of recovery that he’ll find unavailable Still for several weeksWhile all playerswill be available for Historic first match“.

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There is something great Curiosity To see the stars in action, to discover how Paraso decided to compose the lines, but above all there is something great wait To start living with lions season Which promises to be tough as it is exciting and amazing.

Pre-match interview with Michel Marchetti

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