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CGIL CISL UIL – TRENTINO * WELFARE: “A silver space, without resources, there is still a risk of continuing expectations of families”

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12.08 – Saturday 10 September 2022

Space Silver. Without sufficient resources, the repair will not take off. Pensioners unions: There is a risk that families’ expectations will continue to be frustrated. Work to integrate health and social assistance

“The release of Spazio Argento is good news. The wait has been very long, with a prolonged state of limbo, exhausting families and the elderly. With October 1, an important point has been set. The challenge now is to put the regions in a position to make the new organization work. To avoid creating an empty box, further frustrating the expectations of citizens.” This is confirmed by county trustees of Cgil, Cisl Uil and Ruggero Purin for Spi, Tamara Lambiase for Fnp and Claudio Luchini for Uilp.

Two important issues remain to be resolved, namely the provision of adequate resources and how the new organization will integrate with the social and health assistance reform envisaged by the National Rehabilitation Programme.

On the first front, the three shortcuts are clear: Confirmation of investments planned in 2018 is wholly insufficient. “Covid has exposed the difficulties that our system faces in terms of health and social assistance to the elderly and the vulnerable and to the whole community, which must be integrated and made more widespread and widespread – explain Purin, Lambiase and Luchini -. At the same time, it is as if the province has not experienced the development that we have seen. Before us: the population is getting old, the elderly with chronic diseases are increasing, the number of people who need help and continuity of care.”

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Hence the request not only to enhance resources for the work of the Spazio Argento teams, but also to increase grants to the Social Assistance Fund stipulated in the Local Funding Protocol for the Valley Communities in which services for the promotion, promotion and the elderly are funded. “We are not the only ones saying this, but the regions themselves – the pensioners insist -. Without resources there is a risk of thwarting reform. Investments are needed to strengthen local health care, home care, social and health care, and the integration of these two dimensions is favored. Community and community hospitals, telemedicine and tele-help open new horizons that must be supported with competent personnel in the territory for real care of fragile and chronic subjects, but also for effective prevention policies. If you do not go in this direction, there is more than tangible risk that the needs will be taken care of, but It will not be resolved due to the lack of proper services. This would be a joke.”
Hence, the call of Chancellor Segnana not to abandon this project, but to equip it with “strong legs” so that it really works. It is time to take charge of meeting the needs of the elderly and the most vulnerable. The waiting time has continued beyond all reasonable limits,” conclude Buren, Lambiasi and Luchini.

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