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Prices are rising again, and that will be a drag on car travel this summer

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Despite government intervention, gasoline and diesel prices rose again. At this rate, summer will be the worst season ever

Expensive petrol – Motori.News

In spite of government I intervened to calm down fuel prices, Diesel and gasoline continue to grow, so the cut production fee It is of little use. The new responsible minister said measures to take, To help motorists, but except for the proposed period lengthening As the production fee will be reduced by 25 cents, you can’t see about more.

Gasoline and diesel, current status

We are in this critical mode For years now, we can’t get out of it. In Italy, after a crisis high risk mortgages, which included United States of America, one arrived Economic recession Which started in 2008, and has never stopped. Then, at the beginning of the last winter seasonthere has been speculation about the fuel, resulting in the latter increasing by an amount The price is of all proportions.

petrol pumps
Petrol and Diesel Pumps – Motori.News

And, sorbet on the cake, Russia decided, with Putin, that it had nothing to do but Go to war. And so I invaded Ukraine, Practically igniting a war within Europe, which is to specifyplus one tragedy on a human level, An economic crisis already exists Choking.

with increase fuel and methane, all increased raw materials, So every time we move with MachineIf we go shopping, or eat pizza, we spend a lot more money than before. According to the latest developments Statistics Developed by Istat, is more than 5 and a half million Italians living below the poverty line. Not to mention that there are many who, with difficulty, They managed to reach end of the month.

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Dear gasoline, how much does fuel cost in self and fuel now?

fuel tanker truck
Fuel Trucks –

from this situation It will be a lot It’s hard to get out of it soon, given our circumstances Energy Reliance From Russia, given the situation in which it finds itself our economy. go thereenergy independenceDue to the delays, Italy has very little ‘committed’ On this front, it’s a mirage, at least from now on 10-15 years old. The only hope is that the government, find some sources, He managed to calm down the prices of gasoline and gas even more diesel.

regarding me These increases, Within 24-36 hours, the price of diesel has seen a significant rise two years in one shot. Gasoline is also not exempt from the increase, as its price has increased by one Penny.

until yesterday Gas Cost, refuel yourself, 1781 EUR per liter. On the other hand, the price of diesel, always in autonomous refueling mode, rose to 1786 euros / liter. to me served instead, We are talking about 1922 euros per liter, and that from Diesel rose to 1929 I was per liter.

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