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“Vercelli can host the preliminary stage of the WSE Cup” –

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at home Injas Vercelli HockeyDespite the lack of competition, preparations for next season are in full swing. After A1’s recent player announcements, Now is the time to organize the season ticket campaign and renew membership cards, but not only: we are planning to host one of the WSE Cup preliminaries groups in Vercelli.

Elvis RacciobiHV Vice President, explains: New this year will be the season ticket campaign, but The The partners remain: they are the ones who established, maintained and managed the company, giving life to the concept of popular contribution that allowed HV to exist and still exists today. We cannot bring in new ones because we are in the ‘white year’ in which the membership of the entire board of directors ends, so those who have been in the past three years will be members.”

The procedures for renewing the membership card are as follows: Paying the €200 fee you can watch all A1 and B . matches (regular season, but any qualifiers or matches, friendlies, i.e. Coppa Italia and WSE Cup matches); With one of 130, on the other hand, you will continue to be a member, but without the right to matches. “.

Racioppi continues: The price has gone up because the company will incur higher costs this year. We think it’s right that we make our members pay for the ticket as well, but I stress the fact that €70 (the difference between a main member and a member watching matches) includes all matches.”

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Let’s get to the season ticket campaign: Subscribers will be a new category and there will be two types of subscriptions: Al-Qaeda, at a cost of 120 euros, which will allow you to attend all the local matches of the regular season. By calculating the ticket cost of each individual race €12, subscribers will, in general, have to see three matches for free.

The second is the supportive subscriber: With €250, all A1 and B matches will be included (not only the regular season, but any qualifiers or matches, friendlies, any matches in the Coppa Italia and WES Cup). In addition, a supportive subscriber will have the right of first refusal to become a member next year, a numbered fixed seat reserved for the gym and a dedicated HV device.”

Finally, the Vice President explains the new mechanism of the European Cups and launches a proposal for Vercelli: There will be two cups: the Euroleague, which from this year will return to be called the Champions League, and the WSE Ski World Cup (Ski European Cup), i.e. the old CERS Cup, one of the best places in the national championships (7th and 8th places), where HV managed to reach Besides Grosseto. WSE will start in December with a focus, and that’s because Champions will have two preliminary stages: The first, made up of 16 teams, will upgrade 8, with losers entering WSE. The next preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League will take place between the 8 qualifiers from the first preliminary round and the other eight that have already been decided. The eight winners will be able to reach the final sets of the Euroleague against the top eight seed, while the rest will go to WSE.” This explains the start of WSE in December: to complete the scoreboard with the teams coming from the Champions League qualifiers.

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Racciobi continues:To determine the round of 16 of WSE (Eights and quarters will be in the form of a round trip, ed.) It will be necessary to create ‘geroncini’, that is, concentrations of three or four teams which will be hosted by the lower ranking countries, in order to aid the realities in which the hockey movement is less developed. However, this does not prevent Vercelli from applying to organize and host a focus. There will be two days of mini-tournament that will bring an international hockey game to the city.”

Federation WSE Cup dates: Focus phase in groups, 16-18 December 2022, at the locations designated after the award was announced. Fourth Final: April 22-23, 2023.

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