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Hockey, Valdagno manager hits the referee header: Daspo for 5 years

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rink hockey team sporting director will have to give up watching live matches for five years Sport Valdagno (Italian Serie A), who on April 30th threw a header against the referee. The verdict, who was taken to hospital, found speculation at nineteen days.

five years

Vicenza Police Commissioner Paolo Sartori has signed Daspo against him, a ban on access to sporting events, for five years. According to the provisions of director Marco Franceschi, 52, he will have to stay away from everyone Places in Italy and abroad where hockey sports events are held on the rink, on the ice, in line or on the field, of all levels and categories. And there’s more. Also, he should not set foot in places related to the stationto convey and transfer those who participate or attend the same events.

Identified immediately

On April 30, in the Palalido di Valdagno, When the match ends, the home team winsGalileo Follonica, the local team manager, attacked the race director in the changing room, throwing a head at him which caused him serious injuries during the flight which made it necessary to take him to the nearby emergency room, from where he was discharged from hospital with a prognosis of nineteen days. Then the attacker was immediately identified and recognized by the gendarmes present at the match. Subsequent investigations by Digos cops made it possible to assess the 52-year-old’s dangerous behavior, such as Endangering public and personal safety at sporting events. Hence the verdict.

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Not allowed – the commissioner commented – That a sports director can perform such horrendous feats. What happened in Valdagno caused very serious consequences of a health nature and not only towards the ruling, With the consequent public order problemsThat is why I decided to intervene firmly. These acts of violence cannot be tolerated and will therefore be considered and punished.

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