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World’s Biggest Baby

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His name is Angerson. On January 18, 2023, he was the world’s largest newborn born in Brazil with a caesarean section.

World’s Biggest Baby

7.328 kg and 59 cm tall. These are the activities of the new record World’s Biggest Baby. about this Angerson Santos, A Mexican baby was born on January 18, 2023.

His 27-year-old mother, Clédion Santos dos Santos, gave birth to him. Cesarean delivery Padre Colombo Hospital in Barintins, Amazonia Province. On January 17, Gleideon went to the hospital for a routine maternity visit, but the doctors, after various tests, realized the size of the baby. The mother could not have carried the pregnancy Natural childbirth. So a cesarean section is scheduled for the next day. “Baby” is doing well in the incubator, but is in stable condition.

A fundraising campaign has been launched by the hospital to help the family and extra large diapers and clothes are being collected. World’s Biggest Baby.

Heaviest children in the world

in between Heavy children Born into the world, there is a newborn on the stage, who is still making records today. A baby born in Italy in 1955 weighed 10.2 kg, setting the record for the average birth weight.

  • In 1879, a baby boy weighing 9.98 kg with a length of 72 cm was born in the United States. Unfortunately, he was only alive for 11 hours.
  • elder brother Haining Swann was born on August 6, 1846 in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada. He weighed 8.16 kg.
  • In New Zealand, another newborn baby was 57 centimeters long and weighed 7.4 kg.
  • The largest baby ever born in Spain weighed 6.2 kg.
  • In 2013, Jasleen set a record for the whole of Germany. Immediately after her birth, she already weighed 6.1 kg and was 57 cm long.
  • Stephen is Australia’s heaviest newborn, Not less than 7,399 kg.
  • King George is the biggest baby born in England in 2013. The baby weighs 7.1 kg, which is twice the size of an average baby.
  • In 2005, a 22 lb (10.2 kg) baby was born in San Salvador, Brazil, but was later disqualified because the baby suffered from Weaver syndrome, an abnormality in the parents’ genes that causes children to grow excessively.

A baby is defined as large during pregnancy birth weight is greater than 90° percent.

This position is limited Macrosomia, i.e. when the birth weight is more than 4 kg or 4 half kg. Macrosomia depends on various factors, such as maternal diabetes, for example, or genetic factors or conditions such as obesity. Because of the potential complications of childbirth, a cesarean delivery is usually required.

However, macrosomia is a rare cause that can be determined Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome.

World’s Longest Babies

At 62cm long, an Indonesian baby born by caesarean section in the north of Sumatra is one of the longest babies ever born. Of course, his weight also set a record. A good 8.7 kg.

The last born Mexican baby weighed 7.328 kilograms and measured 59 centimeters, setting records for both weight and length.

Among the longest newborns in the world is Finley, who was born in Arizona in 2021 by caesarean section. He was 60 cm tall and weighed around 6.5 kg.

A baby born in Italy has set a record

In 1955, in Aversa, Campania, a mother named Carmelina gave birth to the world’s largest baby. At birth, the “little one” weighed 10.2 kg. This record was entered in the Guinness Book of Records and remains unbroken till date.


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