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The City of Science in Naples is preparing to celebrate International Planetarium Day

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mark World Planetarium Day 2022 Science City celebrates the importance of the planetarium as an educational tool that allows us to appreciate the grandeur and beauty of the universe. Man has, from the beginning, been amazed and fascinated by the vastness of the celestial vault and its secrets: a thirst for knowledge that drove him to desire to defy gravity in order to explore new cosmic horizons more closely. Equipped with the most beautiful 3D planetarium in Italy, Città della Scienza is organizing a weekend space themed Many educational and fun activities and scientific workshops suitable for adults and children. Two lab activities using recycled materials, Mosaico-Cafè (suggested by Borbone Kids Lab with Caffè Borbone) and Pasta Stellare, await little ones aged 3 to 6; While seniors can try their hand at building a fantastic constellation projector and astrolabe.

The lab will be held on Sunday, March 13th only if weather conditions permit Sun hours in Naples by the Union of Amateur Astronomers of Naples, to learn how to read the real solar time in Naples with one’s shadow, as well as the possibility to discover the collection of sundial models designed by UAN members of the Gnomonica group. Also at the end of this week it will be possible to participate in the scientific activities carried out with Cervene (Regional Veterinary Reference Center) that will focus on the path of fish products from the sea to our table and on the Anna and Mary animation dedicated to Sustainability. As always, it will be possible to take guided tours of the Interactive Museum of the Human Body, the Insects & Co Gallery and many other new exhibition tracks and to attend the exceptional displays of the Planetarium.

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