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The agricultural institutes of Campania present themselves in the Città della Scienza

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NAPLES – Foundation Idis – City of Science and Ministry of University and Research – Regional Office of Schools in Campania are organizing two days, tomorrow and October 19, dedicated to training and presenting the activities of agricultural institutes in Campania.

To expand the fields of education and training

The first day’s program will be “to expand the educational and training fields”. Five parallel sessions for students and teachers of agricultural institutes in Campania. From 9 to 12 in the Newton Room, the global reality of food production is highlighted by the session devoted to “Food in the Global Production System. Focus on Wheat”. In addition, the concept of “Food Distribution Equity” is also highlighted. Also in Newton Hall, meeting “Food has history. Food is culture.” Space, moreover, to the “Mediterranean Diet” for its history and “primacy”. At the same time but in the Archimedes Room, we will think about the fact of combating climate change but also of “production in harmony with nature”. Instead, in Averroè’s room, he focused on ‘food production and health. Nutrition and the future”. Medicine, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, nutrition, nutraceuticals and chemistry are the ‘key words’. A study workshop with key figures is also planned. Finally, at Sala Saffo, ‘Innovation and digital for sustainability and a new market for Steam development’. The first day will end with a discussion on the work of individual groups of thematic themes with the intervention of Massimo Cavalier (Director General of the City of Science), Fabrizio Marzano, (President of Confagricoltura Campania), Ettore Akira, (Director General of the Regional Office of Schools in Campania).

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A city of scientific tales of experiences and products

However, on the next day, Wednesday October 19, the “Stories of Experiences and Products” of agricultural institutes will be opened with a final tasting and concluding brief interventions on the topic “For the Center for Guidance and Educational Competence to Strengthen the Training Offer of Agricultural and Hotel Institutes in Campania”. Speakers: Massimo Cavalier (Director General of the City of Science), Mariella Passari (Director General of the Department of Agriculture of the Campania Region), Luigi Nicolaes (Chairman of Materías and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the City of Science), Gennaro Maciello, (President of Coldiretti Campania), Danilo Ercolini, (Director of the Department of Agriculture). , UNINA), Nicola Caputo, (Advisor of Agriculture in the Campania Region), Armida Filippelli, (Education Adviser in the Campania Region), Ettore Acerra, (Director General of the Regional Office of Schools in Campania).

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