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Prestige/Nolan’s Winning Options (Beyond the Star Cast)

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subordinate the book From what the film was drawn from, which I will talk about below, there is little to be said, it is a good novel, well written, but the transformation into a film has enhanced the story, made it interesting and fascinating. The book was the Jonathan Brothers and Christopher Nolan. Yes, we are talking about the director of the film for me number one From these years and brother. The written work was long, apparently almost five years, connected with the fact that the novel was a re-reading of the memoirs. So the work to turn it into a movie was hard, but the director’s inspiration and genius gave us a gem.

The book The Prestige written by Christopher Priest in 1995, While the movie was shown in theaters in 2005 with the same title. In the additional section of the DVD you will find the writer delighted with the film, it was not easy, the novel was not designed for cinema. The theme is an illusion and the story of two friends who become rivals. The simplest thing was to enhance magic tricks and numbers, but Nolan was all about the life and human journey of the two heroes. Clearly with his ability to be a visionary and know how to see beyond. As for the DunkirkAnd the Nolan works on different narrative lines with flashbacks and time intersections.

The plot is a beautiful tangled tuft of hair and begins with a trick Alfred Borden While he was reading his colleague’s diary Robert Enger, which tracks their career and in fact their lives. He is being held pending trial for the murder of his colleague/adversary. They grew up together when they broke up, on a show, a wife Anger She drowned in a cylinder filled with water because she could not free herself from the ropes that were holding her hands that had been pulled in knots. Borden. Hence the division and hatred Anger Who will then shoot the colleague by amputating two fingers of his hands.

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Borden Played by Christian Bale (to me someone else number one); Anger by Hugh Jackman, who doesn’t look bad at all, on the contrary; L ‘engineer It’s the great Michael Caine in the role of technician and trick maker who alternately collaborates with both scammers; Rebecca Maria Hall, Bill’s wife; Scarlett Johansson’s assistant Jackman and Bill’s later lover, and… David Bowie which I’ll talk about later. An all-star cast is clearly chosen by Nolan.

The film is an alternation of flashbacks between present and existence and the parallel career path of the scammers who, after a dramatic split, proceed with hardly first, until they slowly emerge with performances praised by the audience. pal /Borden Creative While Jackman /Anger We have, as we say today, strong communication and marketing skills.

in show BordenHe enters through a door and after three seconds he exits from a distance of another four meters. trick? Charm? delusion? The competitor thinks it’s not a trick, but it uses teleportation. To discover the miracle, he sends his helper, the beautiful Scarlett, to the court of Belle, who becomes his mistress by also taking his side professionally.

Anger He goes to Earth and from London he moves to the States where he meets scientist Nikola Tesla who is experimenting with teleportation. Tesla was a great man of science, a visionary and so advanced for his time, it is no coincidence that Elon Musk dedicated his famous car to him. Played by the legendary David Bowie as Tesla, he was initially reluctant to play the Alien Scientist, but then was strongly persuaded by Nolan.

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Meanwhile, wife Borden, Tired of betraying her husband and putting him in front of her family, she committed suicide, leaving her young daughter an orphan.

Anger He will return to Europe with his transport machine. Borden He will try to discover the secret and will witness the death of his colleague who, like his wife, cannot get out of a cylinder full of water and drowns. Hence the charge of premeditated murder, trial and death sentence.

Before executing his blackmailing sentence, he is forced to hand over secret notes on his show in exchange for his young daughter’s adoption by an unknown benefactor who is none other than his rival. Anger/ Jackman. He is alive and well, the dead man was nothing but a clone created by the machine designed by Tesla.

Bill dies hanging, but…we have one last twist that I don’t spoil because my 32 readers will get upset about sending in insults and misfortunes.

A beautiful, compelling film, with twists that leave no respite. The dialogues are never cliched, except for the actors number one, they are above expectations (on Jackman and Johansson I was preconditioned). Cain is top-notch, as always. Excellent photography, Walter Pfister (partner of all Nolan and Oscar films beginningUse plenty of natural light without invading too many reflectors, keeping the scenes in line with the film’s mystical theme.

Now I salute Tony Pinarelli, who recently passed away, a great magician, whose hands are famous for card games in the … and they kept calling him the Trinity. The magician Sylvan is still alive, he has also worked in the cinema, but is best known for crafting the slogan on television. Sun Slabim (It was also one of the Rai programs) alternative to celebrities mascot Most scammers use it to create suspense.

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It is a dramatic film in which scammers put their art as the goal of life, ignoring the rest. And the aggravating circumstances of punishment for them are confusion with reality and there is an effort to possess everything. In the movie we see him in the paranoid state of Jackman who wants at all costs to gain access to teleportation. We have scientists who study quantum physics and study this phenomenon. Science fiction at the moment.

I don’t have a scientific background, but I only trust the wobble of the saints.

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