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“Anne Frank and the Secret Diary” animated movie in the cinema

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Anne Frank and the Secret Diary begins with a miracle: Kitty, the imaginary friend Anne Frank wrote in her famous diary, returns to life in today’s Amsterdam. Unaware that 75 years have passed, Kitty is convinced that if she is alive, then Anna must be alive too. Anne Frank and The Secret Diary is the story of Kitty and her frantic search across today’s Europe to find her beloved friend. Armed with precious notes and the help of her friend Peter, who runs a secret asylum for illegal refugees, Kitty follows Anna’s footsteps, from annexation to its tragic end during the Holocaust. Confused by a world torn apart and the injustice suffered by refugee children, Kitty decides to fulfill Anna’s intention and, with her honesty and moral sense, sends a message of hope and generosity addressed to future generations.

To educate young people about history

– Ari Vollman explained why he used animation to cover this topic in “Anne Frank and the Secret Diaries”: “I think it’s a way to reach younger audiences. It is precisely for this reason that the Anne Frank Foundation in Basel called me eight years ago, asking me to make an animated film, They were looking for a new dimension in which to tell the story of the Holocaust.”

Ari Follman, a tribute to the Holocaust survivors

– “The main renewal is to transform Kitty from Anna’s fictional friend into a real person. She, not Anne Frank, is the heroine of our film. She does research to find out what happened to Anna after the end of the war, how she died, what happened to her. By doing this, she also finds out The current situation in Europe, which is full of immigrants from all over the world, fleeing from war zones,” said the director of “Wales with Bashir,” who was at the presentation at Cannes 2021, said the film is a tribute to “my parents who survived the Holocaust, were deported.” to Auschwitz in the days when the Anne Frank family entered the Bergen-Belsen camp. When I was a child, I heard so many stories from them, stories I didn’t want to hear, too small to hear. What I think is the power of the diary and the reason for its success among the younger ones is that in this book There is no violence, no ‘horror’ but I am the girl’s intimacy and growth.

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