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Poker victories for Sarzana youth hockey teams

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A very positive day for the Rossoneri youth teams, four wins and one defeat for the Rossoneri children’s teams: the Under 11 / A team won in Polivalente against CGC Viareggio after a match fought by Peggy and a hat-trick in the final. The Under11/B team was defeated in Capannino di Follonica by Team Maremma. For the under-13s it was easy against Forte dei Marmi in Mercato Vecchio 8-2 for Tonelli’s fourth such score. The Under 15s team collapsed against Castiglione at the Vecchio Mercato and all the team scored. The Under 17s team beat CGC Viareggio in Polivalente with Lavagetti scoring five goals (pictured the Under 13s team second overall).

under 11 a

ASD HOCKEY SARZANA A: Lagomarsini, Bologna, Beggi (3), Lucci, Bissola, Boccardi, Michelucci, Battistini. Coach: Jeronimo Garcia.

CGC VIAREGGIO: Salemi, Marsali, Galli, Pizzo, Cacavali, Baldini, Pucci. Coach: Gino Marabotti.

Referee: Matteo Righetti.

Under 11/A win at home against CGC Viareggio after a touching game that was resolved by Beggi’s hat-trick in the final. Jeronimo GarcĂ­a’s children fought against the excellent formation of CGC Viareggio that was well positioned by Mr. Marabutti. The first half ended 0-0 with chances on both sides. In the second half, the match follows the same script as the first part of the match, until three minutes from the end, when the Tuscan defender’s ingenuity gave Sarzana a penalty kick. Biggie takes charge of the shot, first hits the crossbar, then resumes the rebound and smashes the ball into the net. Viareggio rushes forward in search of an equaliser, and is hit twice on the counterattack by Peggy himself. The sound of the siren confirms the sixth victory for the little Rossoneri, who lead the standings of the Tuscan-Ligurian group on full points.

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under 11 b
Volonika Hockey – ASD HOCKEY SARZANA B (2014) 11-0 (4-0)

Follonica hockey: Galoppi, Bucciacchio, Biagini (1), Bacci (5), Righini, Tarassi, Barracani (3), Azzempamber (2). Coach: Antonio Mazzini.

ASD HOCKEY SARZANA B: Acanfora, Papale, Bonaldi, Bonomo, Radzivon, Bugliani, Joele Funcello, Rangoni, Giusti, and Mathias Funcello. Coach: Mattia Respogliatti.
Referee: Daniel Moretti

Defeat U11/B (2014) led by Mattia Respogliatti who succumbed with a score of 11 to 0 against Follonica. A severe result that our young players did not deserve after the first half ended with a 4-0 deficit and created many chances. There is no fear-mongering in this Sarzana B made exclusively of babies born in 2014, for whom this year should exclusively be a year of growth.

under 13

ASD HOCKEY SARZANA: Krocka, Fabbi (1), Gabelloni (1), Traina (1), Tonelli (4), Cremonini, Lagomarsini (1). Coach: Andrea Pironi.

MT SERVICE HOCKEY STRONG: Marcelli, Tonaci (1), Belletti, Fontana (1), Matana. Coach: Massimo Mori.

Referee: Matteo Righetti.

For the Under 13s it was an easy game against Forte dei Marmi 8 to 2 to get the final score with poker from Tonelli. The formation, led by Andrea Pironi, produced a smooth match, finishing the first half 5-1 thanks to a Tonelli hat-trick, goals from Fabi and Jabelloni and Fontana’s goal for Versilians. In the second half Tonelli, Lagomarcini, Lagomarcini and Tonaci were still on the net to set up Massimo Mori. Lots of room for Cremonini, who played a good game.

Less than 15 years old

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ASD HOCKEY SARZANA: Baudinelli, Tonelli (3), Vanello (2), Fabbi (1), Cioffi, Andreani (2), Farina (2), Grossi Manuel (1), Andreatta (1), Grossi Cristian. Coach: Andrea Pironi
ASD HOCKEY CLUB CASTIGLIONE: Sherif, Bagnoli, Petit, Sforzi, Bernie, Rosadini, Confinetti, Balushi (1), Donini, Del Viva. Coach: Alessandro Brezzi.
Referee: Luca Lucy

The Under-15s beat Castiglione della Pescaia in the Vecchio Mercato with a score of 12 to 1, with the whole team scoring. The match was dominated by a line-up led by Andrea Pironi who finished the first half 7-0 thanks to a Tonelli hat-trick, an Andriani brace and goals from Fabi and Vanello. In the second half, Vanello, Andretta, Manuel Grossi and Farina each scored twice and fixed the final score at 12 to 1. For Castiglione, Balushi scored the goal.

Under 17 years old

ASD HOCKEY SARZANA: Stefanucci, Zamperini, Pistelli (2), Lavagetti (5), Vanello, Cioffi, Andreani (1). Coach: Matteo Pestelli.

VIAREGGIO CGC: Peruzzi, Larini, Antonini (1), Facchini (1), Lentini, Cozzani, Di Betta, Dotti, Thomas Puccinelli, Casentini. Coach: Niccolo Boccinelli.

Referee: Matteo Righetti

The U17s collapsed against CGC Viareggio, and the Rossoneri won the Vecchio Mercato, led by Alessio Lavaghetti who scored five more goals. A game without history and the Rossoneri did not question it, which ended the first half with a score of 3 to 0 thanks to a goal by Pestelli and two goals by Lavaghetti. In the second part, Lavaghetti is again the main author of the trilogy and goals from Pestelli and the baby Andriani. For the CGC Viareggio team, goals from Antonini and Facchini make for a less bitter final score which was set at 8 to 2 in favor of the Rossoneri.

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