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All news from Google to follow the World Cup

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In a few days world CupThe date that fans consider a milestone every 4 years and that will be enough for Italians depression.

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For the second consecutive edition, Italy will not participate in the World Cup, but you will be pleased to know about it Google introduced many interesting new features To follow the matches better.

As of a Google search it was A section dedicated to the World Cup and matches that will distinguish them. Just search for the term world Cup or World Cup to display and access the relevant section as a search result. This section will collect, as well as Match info In progress, planned, or in the past Statistics Hinge, Victory probability A chronology of the main events.

There will also be the possibility of creating gods Quick links at home on your device using a file Result in real time specific match. It will also be available Highlights for World Cup matches through broadcasters who are part of the FIFA+ network.

In the same vein, Google stated that a Multiplayer mini gamecan be accessed directly from the World Cup section of Google search which will allow users from all over the world Choose a team and compete with others during the duration of the event.

In the context of the World Cup, Google confirms that it will be the official presence of broadcasters FIFA Network + on her platform Google TV Come on Youtube. This will make it possible to watch matches and highlights during the event.

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