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Highway toll booth, from now on, if you use equipment, it’s a crime: a habit that must be eliminated | A fine of 1,730 euros

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Never do this when you are at a toll booth

You need to start kicking this terrible habit because if they catch you doing it at the toll booth, the fine will exceed 1700 euros, which you will never forget.

That of Road safety It is an argument that has been discussed and restated many times in all places and in all ways, but it never gets old. Accidents and tragedies continue to happen every year, and until the public awareness of Italian motorists increases, we will not be able to achieve victory.

You should always pay attention when driving, even when maneuvering at a speed of less than ten kilometers per hour, but there are scenarios where a mistake can lead to really serious damage. This happens in situations of severe crowding and high speed, and we can find these conditions on… Highways.

It is no coincidence that the Highway Code regulates highway traffic in a serious and strict manner, with heavy fines and penalties imposed for the most serious violations. The quirk that sometimes misleads motorists is just that Also toll boothsWhether incoming or outgoing, It is considered a highway area It falls within Article 176 of the Traffic Law.

What you can’t do on the highway You can’t even do that at a toll booth. But what does this mean in detail? What are potentially dangerous – and fine – situations to stay out of?

What you should never do at a toll booth on a highway

When approaching a toll booth on the highway, you should never let your guard down. The paths are explained very clearly and clearly, divided into payment and subscription methods: Cash, cards and Telepass. Distraction or greed must not get the best of us, so we must get in line, get our ticket and keep going.

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What happens instead?By mistake or “cunning”, Should we be taking the wrong path? For example, we can stand in line at the card aisle even though we only have cash, or vice versa; Or we might end up on the Telepass which is much easier to access even without the necessary season pass. How should we act?

Operators will step in to solve any problem

Never return at the toll point

We should never back down if we get stuck on the wrong path. In fact, reversing is prohibited on highways, and as mentioned earlier, the toll booth is part of it. The penalty for this error is fatal: A fine from 431 euros to 1,734 euros Ten points were deducted from the driver’s licence.

What should be done instead is to alert the operators at the toll booth to solve the problem; Alternatively, if there are no operators, you must pick up the ticket normally (in the “wrong” lane), then hand it to the operator at the exit (in the “correct” lane) and Request to calculate the amount to be paid. If there were no operators, we wouldn’t be able to do it here either Collect non-payment receipt And fix the debt in the following days.

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