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Italiana Stock Exchange, commentary on today’s session (October 13, 2022)

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Monte dei Paschi di Siena remains in the spotlight, which is still suspended due to the increase in decline, having registered a theoretical decrease of 29.6%

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets They pass into negative territoryAfter gaining more than a percentage point. Inflation data in the US weighs heavily, and results are higher than expected.

It’s 3.10 pm FTSEMib It recorded a decline of 0.99% to 20,263 points, after it fluctuated between 20,229 points as a minimum and 20,826 points as a maximum. At the same time FTSE Italia all participated It lost 0.97%. Also minus sign for FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.81%) and for The star of FTSE Italia (-1.27%).

The Bitcoin It fell to less than 18,500 dollars (about 19,000 euros).

The BTP-Bund spread It has returned more than 240 pips, with the 10-year BTP yield rising to 4.85%.

L ‘euro It fell to $0.965.

Important insights into securities for the banking sector.

Always in the spotlight Monte dei Paschi di SienaAfter the sharp rise in the previous session. Institute address Sienese still Suspended for exceeding the discount, after recording a theoretical decrease of 29.6%. The Board of Directors of the Bank set the final terms and conditions forCapital increase in option A maximum of €2.5 billion, to be implemented in divisible form. In detail, the Sienese Institute will issue a maximum of 1,249,665,648 newly issued ordinary shares to be offered as an option at the unit price of €2 by 374 new shares for every 3 shares held.

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in red Intesa San Paulo (-0.33% up to 1.6698 euros). The Institute led by Carlo Messina completed the start of the buy-back on July 4, 2022, having purchased a total of 988,632,803 shares, equivalent to approximately 4.95% of the share capital (before cancellation) at an average purchase price per share equal to €1.7195, with a value of Total 1.7 billion euros.

However, the positive performance of BancoBPM (+1.94%).

In the Still above average (+0.84% ​​at €4,0365). The electric giant has completed the sale of its entire stake in PJSC Enel Russia to PJSC Lukoil and the Gazprombank-Frezia Special Fund for a total of approximately 137 million euros. The overall transaction had a positive impact on Enel’s net financial debt of approximately 610 million euros and a negative impact on reported net income of approximately 1.3 billion euros, mainly due to the release of foreign exchange reserves.

Oil is recoveringafter the last repair.

where are you earns 0.25%, while Tenaris It rose 0.91%.

jingle from ST (-4.96%).

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