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Hockey, start of the season in chiaroscuro for Cus Pisa in Serie A1 and A2 – sport

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Pisa, November 3, 2021 – Pisan field hockey, between outdoor and indoor, has achieved success History of Byzantine Sports in Tuscan City. Today, with the change of generations, she is going through a difficult time, especially in terms of movement feminineWhile the males continued to rut in recent years. In fact, masculine upbringing seeks salvation A1 series, Whereas the girls, after winning championships in recent years (three indoor and one outdoor), have tried to climb from Serie A A2.

The remembrance Nicolas Giorgi’s Cus Pisa is currently in the penultimate position in Group B of Serie A1 after four matches played, half of the first round. After daring 2-3 against Ferrini At home, the first point with Valchison (1-1), while the last two matches were tough against the big teams. On the other hand, the tricolor city Which eliminated the Pisans 8-2, on the other hand amicora Who beat Gialloblù a few days ago by 1-3. This is the latest formation rolled out on the field against Sardinia at the Giorgi Stadium: Amato, Bellenvia, Cavallini, Cesari, A Colella, M Colella, Conte, p. Gallon, R Gallon, Gasola, Guigi, Malucci.

feminine – legend on the bench, Martina Chirico, from a fixed point for the national hockey team, a real Buffon for women, but also different difficulties in the generational rotation. A player, entered in Group B, Group B1, must attempt to exit a three-way match against Hockey Capitolina and Lazio Hp Giovani. The first match, which took place at the end of October, saw Gyaluble surrender against the former 1-0. The first two seeded from the triangle will advance to the next stage of promotion play in A1, while the third will reach the play-off. For some seasons now in Cus there has been less and less use of foreign players, to the point of removing that number. These are the yellow and blue who entered the field in the last game against Hockey Capitolina, coached by Chirico: Betti, Bigongiari, Cherubini, C. Chirico, C. Ciucci, V. Ciucci, Corradini, Falcitelli, Foggi, Lanfranco, Picconocchi, Rovini, Banks.

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organisation The organization always remains at the forefront of hockey clubs in Italy. Not later than a few weeks later, in fact, Cus organized the AI ​​Qualifiers world CupIn which Italy was eliminated from the quarter-finals of Wales.

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