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Pescara Football: Bombetti is ineligible, Ingroso is back

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Pescara Football: In Lucca, the challenge scheduled for next Sunday at 2.30 pm, without stopping Bombeti. In its place is Diambo. Ingrosso is back to get in again, Drudi is better.

Lukes without Fedato, Papini and Rodriguez. The striker can be restored to the bench Mauro Cemberini (8 goals) He is recovering from meniscus surgery that forced him to miss 8 matches.

In the last round, Tuscany tied at Siena (1-1). in orderGuido Pagliuca 9th place With Pontedera and Vis Pesaro. Seven lengths feature on the outside play area.

41 pointsof which 26 invaded in “Porta Elisa”. Only 32 goals were scored, the third worst attack Like Teramo and Vice Pisaro. Slightly better than Grosseto (28) and Firmana (27). However, the Tuscan Rossoneri boasts 4th best defense in Group B with 35 goals Suffered, as did Dolphin.

Game system: 4-3-1-2. in Siena Coach Guido Pagliuca presented after 11

Coletta between positions: Corcinelli, Pacini, Pelic and Nannini in defense; Lower Menala apex of the metacampus triangle completed by Collodel and Frigerio; Between the Ruggiero lines behind Nanni and Belloni.

January market bulbs: half wing Colodle From Cremonese, striker Ubaldi From Pestois and midfielder Tombarillo from Vibonese. Several exits above all Selling Ghanaian ekloe to South Tyrol.

In the video, the card

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