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Inline hockey, the Tigers’ first victory, drops Ivy

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18.09.2022 – The first time is never forgotten. And so, yesterday (Saturday 17th September) will be a date really worth mentioning Tergeste tigers Who, in front of his fans at the Pala Pikelc in Opicina, reaped his first success in the first division, ridding himself of the heavy defeat he suffered in the first round against Milan. In fact, the Trieste Tigers won 3-1 Tory BellisPut on the score sheet the first three points of this tournament.

Otherwise theivy Located in Asiago: I snakesIn fact, they beat Trieste 5-2, taking the first 3 points of the season and leaving Ivy at the bottom of the standings. The people of Trieste also moved forward with Digano and Milanese, only to be overtaken and overtaken by the hosts.

In other races from second day, winning without worry for Milan (1-8 in Cittadella) while the Vicenza Devils won the Venice derby against Cus Verona. Success at home with Ferrara, who beat Monley 3-0. It is these three formations that lead the standings with 6 points, while in 3 points, in addition to Asiago and Tigers, Monleale and Cittadella follow. Edera, Tori Bellis and Cos Verona are close to 0. In the next roundIvy will go in search of redemption by hosting Cus Verona, while Tergeste will visit Monleale.

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