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Hockey, Bresciani asks Amatori to bite the bullet to Follonica

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Hockey, Bresciani asks Amatori to bite the bullet to Follonica

Stronger than fatigue, stronger than defeats, stronger than an almost impenetrable path. This is what Gigio Bresciani repeats in the Amatori locker room on the eve of tomorrow night’s match, Wednesday 30 March, at the Follonica house. Another challenge with a very high difficulty coefficient, which comes after defeating Tricino in the league and Tomar in the Euroleague. However, winning would mean placing a dangerous mortgage in second place, effectively eliminating a potential opponent in the final rush: “For us it’s the third game in eight days, among other things, three games, all very difficult and tiring, and a bit of a Fatigue. There will be – admits Mr. Giggio Brisciani -. But it is such an important game that we can never save ourselves: we will have to sacrifice ourselves again. Only in this way will we be able to return to Follonica with a positive result». Among other things, he was excluded ” Capannino” after the audience’s excesses on the occasion of the meeting with Trissino, but it will still be played on the court on the shores of the Gulf: without a local audience, but also without a ludi audience. For the wrath of the Giallorossi.

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