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Special Agents on Disney + Contains the Horrible Sonic of the Pre-Edited Movie –

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Cip & Dale: Special Agents The new movie dedicated to the famous couple is available from today onwards Disney +but the shocking thing is that inside it is also a terrible Sonic, who has now gone down in history just like “Ugly Sonic”which appeared in the first material related to the film, before it was immediately corrected with a new design.

Why Ugly Sonic should be in a Chip & Dale movie is inexplicable, but seeing him again in action is still scary, just like the first time. In fact, you will remember that the first trailer and first images of the movie Sonic introduced a character that calls out the original version of the video games but with the kind of ultra-realistic adaptation that made him simply brutal.

This sparked immediate and violent controversy, to the point of forcing the producers to completely review Sonic’s design during the filming of the movie. Thankfully, the graphic designers then did a great job of adapting by bringing the character back into a more video game-like and more fun side, and the movie also proved to be a huge hit, which Sonic the Hedgehog 2 recently repeated.

However, somehow Disney+ decided to revive Ugly Sonic and make it sort of ecclesiastical character, a real celebrity with his souvenir booth and intent on signing autographs, as shown in the movie trailer above. A very special initiative, if nothing else, that shows how successful Sega has been in changing character design for its films.

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