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Seminar for roller hockey coaches in Seregno

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The Bala Somashini From syregno You will be hosting on Sunday September 18 Promoted seminar siri (Italian Roll International School) roller hockeyIn cooperation with Federal technical sector specialtyreserved for Level 3, 2 and 1 coaches. Classes will open at 9.15 am and end at 6.30 pm. there Privacy From the date will consist of Back to Seregno From Giambattista Massarinow the director of Siri for roller hockey, which in season 1990-1991 drove by Technical Directorwith friend Gianni Innocenti under the guise CoachThe Mobilsigla Seregno To the first and until now only Scudetto It has been occupied by the local movement in its 54-year history.

Roller Hockey: Who is Giambattista Massari?

Photo from 1991: Giambattista Massari, after winning the Scudetto with Mobilsigla Seregno, with Alejandro Cairo. Behind them, Andrea Perrin

Barry GiovinazoAnd the my path is considered the largest Italian roller hockey technician any time. In addition to Scudetto Acquired in Brianza in 1991for him Palm By the way, come on world titles Won the bench Italian national team In the 1986 to me certauziƱoin BrazilIn the 1988 to me La Corunain SpainIt is that Europeaninstead of conquering it 1990 to me to praise. He was the one who drove blues Also to participate in Barcelona Olympics In the 1992thatroller hockey Accepted on a trial basis, and ends with third placebehind theArgentina and for Spain The owner of the rented house.

Roller Hockey: Seregno Hockey 2012 Season Debut

The The school It will precede the previous day, Saturday September 17at 20.45, fromSeasonal debutthe right of Bala Somashinisubordinate Sereno Hockey 2012which is in the eradication stage Serie A / 2 Italian Cups will cure Code Hobby Modena.

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