December 5, 2023

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“War criminal Putin as Zelensky”

“War criminal Putin as Zelensky”

“The United States does not want peace or even a cease-fire.” In the war between Ukraine and Russia. This is the interpretation given by Professor Alessandro Orsini in Cartabianca after the words of John Kirby, spokesman for the US Security Council. “Putin is a war criminal and Zelensky is on the same level,” says Orsini, who pressed him into the respected studio Maurizio Luppi.

There is no possibility of a cease-fire. John Kirby, spokesman for the US Security Council, officially announced that the United States not only opposes a peace agreement, but also a cease-fire. The White House has officially declared that it is against the ceasefire, The position of the United States is hostile to peace and cease-fire. The official White House position, as John Kirby put it, is that the war should go on even without stopping for an hour,” says Orsini, professor of the sociology of international terrorism.

“I do not doubt that Russia has committed crimes, I doubt the fact that the European Union has lost its reasons. The European Council of Foreign Ministers has decided that we will produce 1 million ammunition, for 2 billion euros, of delivery to Ukraine by 2023.
Everything we do, including the arrest warrant against Putin, is against peace“I insist that Putin is a war criminal and that Zelensky is also a war criminal,” says Orsini.

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