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Ottawa: What to see in the Canadian capital

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Despite that Capital of Canada, Ottawa Comes often Underrated how A tourist destination compared to Toronto and Montreal. Thanks to him though Strategic geographic location And his Intense cultural lifeThe city represents aInteresting Canadian stop. Ottawa is Small size And its A beating heart There is Parliament HillWhere is the mountain? Important government buildings And the Most important places. This is Guide It will take you to the right place Discovery of the city centerThis too can be visited in a short time.

Ottawa and where it originated

Federal capital of Canada, Ottawa is standing The southern banks of the river of the same name It is also the fourth national city after Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. there Province of Canada with Ottawa isOntario, bordering the province of Quebec. This is the main reason, in 1857The Queen Victoria As he chose this city Capital of the province of Canada: Ottawa became the only settlement on the border between eastern and western Canada A perfect compromise between two peopleOne French language And another one English language.

population run away lived for a long time in Ottawa areaUntil, in the beginning Nineteenth centurycame First European settlementThanks By Colonel John Baptized in the name of and founded the city Bytown (Current name assumed in 1854).

Today, the Canadian capital is a major communications hub, home to many industries, One of the largest timber centers in the worldA Related Science and Technology Research Centre and a university center.

How to reach Ottawa from Italy

Best and fastest way Reach Ottawa from Italy Of course there isAirplane. The Direct flights They mainly depart from airports Rome, Milan And Bologna And the travel time is approx 9 – 8 hours.

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The Stopover flightsUsually cheap, operated by airports Venice, Naples, Rome And Milan and has a duration of approx 12 hours.

If you want to move From Ottawa to TorontoYou can take a Domestic flightAverage 2-3 hoursor to use a train or A BusIt will achieve their goal approx 4-5 hours.

Ottawa, Canada

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What to see in Ottawa in 2 days

OttawaBeing a relatively small town, it’s easy Can be visited in two days. The Most interesting places are concentrated in Parliament Hill (Parliament Hill) also implies that Central District of the city. Starting from there, You can go on foot And find out Important places.

Parliament Hill: Heart of the City

Once you arrive in the Canadian capital, there is definitely an essential stop Parliament Hill, the heart of Ottawa. The Parliament BuildingIt was built on a hill located a few meters away from the river that crosses the city 1865 and immediately strikes the eye Gothic style. And this The nerve center of Canadian corporate life And, every afternoon, TheThe Parliamentary Question is open to the public. Next to Parliament, the Tower of PeaceOne of the national symbols, it sets The tallest building in the city. In the complex where the palace is located, there is also Library of ParliamentOne The most beautiful libraries in the world.

Rideau Canal: A river that turns into an ice rink

UNESCO heritage from 2007The Rideau Canal There is Oldest canal system in continuous use in North America. was opened 1832This channel was initially a military activity And Defense. Today, it is one of Ottawa’s most interesting attractions. In fact, in WinterWhen temperatures drop below freezing, the Rideau Canal, along with it 8 kilometers At length, it changes The longest ice rink in the world.

Canadian Museum of Civilization: Most visited and most important in Canada

About 1.3 million visitors per year, The Canadian Museum of Civilization And this The most visited museum in Canada As well as the Very important. In fact, its main purpose is to collect, study and analyze the artefacts Human history of the country and cultural diversity of different peoples. are inside Four permanent galleriesGrand Hall, The First People’s Hall, Canada Hall and Face to Face: The Canadian Personals Hall, which explores Canada’s history 20 thousand year old items. The museum often hosts Temporary exhibitions Also, within the structure, there are two other museums Canadian Children’s Museum And this Canadian Postal Museum.

National Gallery of Canada: For lovers of modern and contemporary art

One inside Natural buildingDesigned by Moshe SoftyMany are categorized Glass towersis seen One of Canada’s most important museumsa, especially aboutModern art And Contemporary. there Collection of National Gallery of CanadaArranged chronologically, there are many Various and covers a period beginning with XVI century Until you reach Works by contemporary artistshow Andy Warhol And Louise Bourgeois.

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

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Bivert Market: Not Just a Market

Established by Col By John In 1826The Byward Market There is One of Canada’s oldest farmers markets And it’s one of the city’s most iconic spots, a perfect place to discover local culture. Here, they are beyond 260 stance They provide Conventional products, Local handicrafts, Seasonal fruits and vegetables. But, Byward Market, it also offers a lot more Restaurants, Bar And PubIt’s a place worth a tryA unique dining experience It is a‘Vacation opportunities Different than usual.

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Majors Hill Park: Ottawa’s oldest city park

The Major Hill ParkLocated near Byward Market and the National Gallery of Canada Ottawa’s oldest city parkUsed as such since 1826, coinciding with the start of construction of the Rideau Canal. Walking in this green lung, it can be appreciated One of the best views of the Rideau Canal And on Parliament Buildings. Houses inside it Remains of the house Where did he live? By the colonel And the head housel’The greenhouse is the only remaining part of the complexDismantled between 1937 and 1938. Today, Header House Restaurant on the hillOne Seasonal outdoor canteen Serves local food.

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