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China will not host COP15, but will lead it: will it live with Canada?

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21 June 2022 Tuesday – 13:42

China will not host COP15, but will lead it: will it live with Canada?

Beijing has been evacuated due to the uncertainty of the epidemic

Rome, June 21 (askanews) – United Nations Conference on Biodiversity. The decision to move the conference – known as COP15 – from China’s Kunming to Montreal in Canada was made on the basis of the Chinese port, explaining that it was impossible to keep it in the country. Due to uncertainty due to the course of Govit-19 infection. But Beijing did not give up leading the event, which could create many problems in living with Ottawa.

“Referring to the urgency of managing the biodiversity crisis and adopting the post-2020 biodiversity framework and initiating its implementation, the COP leadership stressed that it should be conducted in 2020,” he explained. Mrema.

“Due to the persistent uncertainties surrounding the current global epidemic, China, as COP chairman, with the support of our office, has decided to relocate meetings from Kunming to places outside China,” he continued, confirming that the event would take place. In Montreal from 5 to 17 December.

The announcement came from Nairobi, Kenya during the COP15 preparatory session. However, the presidency will be retained by China and the symbol will remain the same. Not only that: Beijing also agreed to finance a section of the conference dedicated to ministers from developing countries traveling to Canada.

Cooperation between China and Canada will not be easy. The two countries have very turbulent relations and the organization of such a conference requires much improved cooperation, especially pushing the ecological world interested in the event to pay more attention at the organizational level.

For example, it is known that China also wants to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to COP15. But the situation in Ukraine and the very tense relations between the West – Canada leading – between Russia and this could certainly be a cause for conflict.

COP15 was originally scheduled to take place in Kunming in October 2020, but was postponed several times due to infection.

The first phase of the meeting took place in the Chinese city last year, in the fall, in virtual form. Should be conducted in the presence of the second.

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