September 26, 2023

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Controversy continues over Boris Johnson, another party to come in Downing Street during lockdown

Johnson insisted the rules would not be “technically broken”, but acknowledged the country’s anger.

e May holiday is only the latest violations Covid-19 restrictions That accused the Johnson administration. In recent days, another controversy has erupted around the Christmas party. Complicating the position of the Prime Minister is the fact that on May 20, 2020, the same day of the gathering in the park, the government held a press conference to remind citizens that they cannot meet more than one person outside their families.

Under Secretary Michael Ellis Ellis stressed that even the event that was the focus of the recent controversy would end up under the lens of an independent investigation into parties organized in institutional settings during periods when lockdowns were in place. At the same time Scotland Yard is investigating. Ellis tried hard to defend the prime minister’s integrity and goodwill from the courtroom where opposition MPs clearly represented the majority and also stood out. Resignation requests by individual preachers.

Meanwhile, in two polls in the past few hours, a majority of voters believe Johnson should step down, Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon hopes. Several accusations of bias and facilitation have been leveled at the Prime Minister, but above all attacks for breaching the measures imposed on residents who have paid exorbitant amounts for those restrictions: MPs, including one crying (Jim Shannon of the trade union Dobb), and the media recalled cases of Britons who deserved the lockdown could not stand by their loved ones because they died Because of the corona virus in the hospital.

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On May 20, 2020, at the center of the scandal, a strict “stay at home” signal, which allowed people to go out only to stock up on food and medicine and exercise daily, was recently loosened, but It was only allowed to meet another person from outside the familyThis is provided that it is in an open public place with respect for a distance of two meters.

Johnson is also trying to weather this political and media storm Keeping the bar as star-crossed as possible, though, as constant leaks of news about “taboo” events highlight a branch within the party that is blaspheming against it and always ready for the ride. Martin Reynolds, head of the Prime Minister’s personal secretariat, remains (for the time being) the author of the email accused of inviting one hundred officials and collaborators to the May 20 event in Downing Street Park, with reference to alcohol being brought in.