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Ukraine and the Russian offensive in Donbass – the world

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The Russian offensive in the Donbass, where Moscow, according to British intelligence, deployed a new generation of Terminator tanks. The Russians say they have destroyed 13 military posts, 4 ammunition depots and 3 Ukrainian command posts in the past 24 hours with precision missiles. Zelensky talks about a very difficult situation. According to the Lugansk Military Department, the Russians are trying to storm Severodonetsk from four directions but have so far been repelled. The Ukrainian police said that the fires that broke out in houses and civilian facilities in the Donetsk region resulted in the deaths of seven people. Roads and bridges excavated by the Russians in Kherson.

Russian negotiators deny that they opened the possibility of an exchange of prisoners between the fighters of the Azov Battalion and the pro-Russian oligarch Medvedchuk. But Zelensky links the fate of the military heroes with the peace negotiations themselves. But Moscow wants to try the prisoners. Polish President Duda has arrived in Ukraine: he will speak in Parliament. Draghi called the Ukrainian president and “affirms Italy’s continued support also in approving the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, opening ports and Kyiv’s entry into the European Union.” Zelensky thanks him.

Explosions in the Kyiv region It was recorded around 13.30, 12.30 Italian time, and soon after it was also reported in the nearby Zhytomyr region. The Russians shot at houses and civilian buildings in the Donetsk region, 7 people were killed in attacks on the villages of Bakhmut, Soledar, Avdiivka, Svyatohersk, Mykolaivka, Toritsk, Zalzen, Raigorodok, Lastushkin, Pervomaisky, Yarov, Salt. This was reported by the Ukrainian National Police, according to Ukrenform.
“The occupiers shot 12 settlements. They were killed and injured. More than 40 homes, a school, a music school, an institute, shops and life support facilities were destroyed,” he added. It was reported that the Russians fired from planes, tanks, heavy artillery, and several Ha’il rocket launchers.
During the night, Russian forces fired on missiles Against the civil infrastructure of a village in the Vilna district in the district Zaporizhia (in southern Ukraine), resulting in casualties. This was announced by the Regional Military Administration of Zaporizhzhia on Telegram, according to reports from Ukrainska Pravda. According to preliminary information, there are wounded citizens.
Heavy losses in Friday’s Russian missile attack on LozovaIn the eastern Kharkiv region: more than a thousand apartments and 11 school facilities were damaged. CNN quoted Mayor Sergei Zelensky as saying, “The numbers are horrific: 11 schools were hit, including five. The extent of the damage to a hospital and clinic is not yet known. Even the Culture Building is not yet known. Completely destroyed.” Among the damaged school facilities is the Lozova branch of the Higher Institute of Automobiles and Roads in Kharkiv.
Seven people were wounded in the attack, including an 11-year-old child. Lozova, located about 73 kilometers southwest of Izyum, is a Russian-occupied city in the Kharkiv region.

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Diplomatic front
The Armed Forces of Kyiv recorded the intensification of the activities of Belarusian units and electronic means of reconnaissance in the border areas. They point to the threat of missile and air strikes on Ukrainian territory. Meanwhile, the Russian offensive continues in the east. During the night, Russian missiles hit civilian infrastructure in the Zaporizhzhya region, causing casualties. The toll of Friday’s attack in the eastern Kharkiv region was heavy: more than 1,000 apartments and 11 school facilities were hit, local officials said. The bodies of two other civilians killed in Bucha have been found, and 1,290 civilian bodies have been examined in the area so far, according to the police. A bridge in Lugansk was destroyed, “difficult evacuations.”

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