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The new Ferrari 296 GTS Spyder: its sound is brutal in all its glory

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The Ferrari 296 GTS Spyder, the latest jewel of the Italian house, is back on target once again. And it has a motor that accelerates like lightning.

The new Ferrari 296 GTS Spyder – Motori.News

good news For millions of fans jumping horse from all over the world. preview Globalism, The first pictures of the new car Wild Horse House. And of course it will, as always, be a worldwide hit. In this way the giant number of . is Enzo Ferrari It always remains pure.

Ferrari 296 GTS New Features

We went straight to Ferrari official website, To read and see all the features of this wonderful car. Here is how the same house from Maranello explains the characteristics of this New racing car.

Ferrari 296 GTSThe berlinetta spider concept evolved from Ferrari’s center-rear engine, powered by the new engine 120 degree six-cylinder engine Combined with an electric motor powered by electricity (PHEV) Which debuted on the 296 GTB, which unleashed a massive car Total 830 hp. Thus, the car redefines the concept fun behind the wheel, Ensure pure feelings not only when it comes pushed to the limitbut also in driving situations Daily.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider interior design
Ferrari 296 GTS Spyder Interior Design – Motori.News

at Ferrari The driving pleasure factor is measured by five different indicators used to set goals development stage. The first factor islateral acceleration who determines the answer to Steering wheel inputthe immediate reaction of the rear axle to the steering inputs, and, accordingly, Ease of management.

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L ‘longitudinal acceleration Rather, it depends on the speed and fluidity of the response to gas pedal. The third factor is gear shift In terms of times of transformation and feeling Progress Consistent between gears on every gear change. The fourth factor is braking: feel the pedal From the brakes in terms of race and response.

Finally, they come Foreman Also sound levels and internal quality and sound evolution engine With increasing cycles. This engineering is rooted in the unparalleled racing experience in jumping horse: The first Ferrari to play a sport mid rear V6 It was 246 SP in 1961, who won a race Targa Florio That year and again in 1962. Also, in 1961, Ferrari Claimed his first Formula 1 Constructors title with a 156 F1 powered by a Hexagon with a 120 degree angle.

Ferrari 296 GTS Spider
Ferrari 296 GTS Spyder – Motori.News

there Ferrari First he installed a hot turbo V on the 126 CK and then on the 126 C2, which became the first in 1982 Single seat turbo to win World Championship The makers of Formula 1. The 126 C3 regained the title in 1983. Finally the architecture Turbo V6 PHEV It was standard on all cars Formula 1 since 2014.

Speed ​​and cost of 296 GTS

The note from Ferrari continues: “ThePassenger cabin 296 GTS Developed around the new interface concept all digital which first appeared in SF90 Street. While with the latter, the designers wanted to highlight the presence of advanced technology Emphasizing a clear break with the past, in the case of the 296 GTS, the idea was to wear this look Technique With advanced effects. The result is indicative pure and simple, characterized by strong elegance Which perfectly reflects the exterior design.

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The maximum speed of this car 330 kilometers per hour. From zero to one hundred kilometers per hour only 2.9 sec. From 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 7.6 sec. Speed ​​in the lap of the track in the legendary circuit Fiorano, priced at 1’21” 80 cents.

The cost of this machine? Starts from 275,000 euros as the basic “model”.

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