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A map of the most famous people in every city in the world

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Finnish geographer Tobi Tyukanov, an expert designer, created one interactive map Which shows who is the most famous person born in almost every city in the world. It was inspired by a project posted on the site candywho made it a map Similar to the United States given the most cited people on Wikipedia by place of birth. Refinement Tyukhanov version candy With a few tricks: first of all, it expanded the map to include all the countries of the world and above all provided a more accurate classification of the most famous people.

use one study Very recent, posted a month ago in a day temper nature It was created by researchers from the Sorbonne and Sciences Po universities in Paris, Columbia and New York University. The study made it possible to classify people based on their influence and fame in various fields such as science, politics, culture and sports.

The researchers used a variety of data sources, not just quotes in the English version of Wikipedia, to identify the most famous person in each city, even the smallest. The ranking is based on the number of Wikipedia citations in different language editions, the number of biographies views between 2015 and 2018, and the amount of external links. Among other things, missing elements reported to Wikipedia were also taken into account: the intuition behind the use of this data is that the more famous an individual is, the more complete his biography will be.

The result of this work This interactive map. You can explore all the countries of the world and expand and browse the level of cities all the way to small municipalities. In some cases, the classification made by researchers may be called into question, especially in the cities where many famous personalities were born, but from most of the names it seems fairly reliable.

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