September 23, 2023

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The director “raped 5 aspiring actresses”, asked for 10 years. Mock auditions to simulate a rape scene for a movie that was never made

The director “raped 5 aspiring actresses”, asked for 10 years.  Mock auditions to simulate a rape scene for a movie that was never made

for some aspirants Actresses who had submitted themselves for testing at his “Academy”, on Aurelia, would have presented himself as a “master” Cinema And he would welcome them on set, showering them with praise for their physical appearance, saying he was “perfect” for making it into the entertainment world. But to the prosecutor’s office Romeit would have been a farce to get them to do a mock test and to abuse them in his studio basement, ostensibly attempting a scene from a fake movie where they had to pretend to be rape victims.

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Giuseppe Flamini He would have acted undisturbed from 2011 to 2017. Yesterday, for these facts, Prosecutor Stefano Pizza requested a ten-year prison sentence for 73-year-old Roman, known in the movie world as the maestro “Pino”.

Latvian in warehouse
“For several years he has been abusing both adult and minor women, and this was confirmed by the attorney general yesterday shamelessly during his indictment of this farce from the movie for raping even girls who had never had sex.” The prosecution accuses the defendants of committing acts of sexual violence against five girls, three of whom were minors at the time. Only one of the young women, with the help of attorney Marta Senia, emerged as a civic party in the process, with the support of the Women’s Squad Association. The defendant allegedly recruited girls at his Aurelia studio to take a “mock” audition for a movie. The young women, all aspiring actresses with dreams of success, could have played a role in a movie, the 73-year-old said in production. And on those occasions, he would present himself to them as the “master” of cinema, influential in the world of entertainment, “glorifying” his prestigious career. But the rest of those shows, once they get into the walls of the “Academy,” will always be the same.

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The method of work
“Maestro” Flamini, as he called himself in his field, would have the girls experience a rape scene for prosecutors: There was a handsome double bed and he invited them to try out scenes on the mattress where they had to pretend they were being drugged and rape victims. But they were real hot scenes. Some had the courage to stop it, others instead suffered violence. All of them are girls from outside the European Union who live a difficult life.” Namely, according to what we read from the indictment, in some cases they were touches and caresses “on the genitals above the clothes” or “on the chest, as well as kisses on the lips and neck.” But that’s not all, on one occasion he would have gone further.

How do you work in the cinema?
Between December 2011 and March 2012 he allegedly had a nude aspiring actress: “Undress you, you’re beautiful. Soon you will be shooting a movie in which you will be the ultimate hero,” Flamini would say to one of the victims, while exploiting her. Again, in November 2017, he would make another girl lie down on the mattress, and put himself on top of her: “You are beautiful, you have great potential, in the world of cinema you work like that,” he would say to the young woman, to reassure her, and continue to touch her too, if Try to get out of this situation. The abuses were put to an end by the condemnation of some of Flamini’s close collaborators who had told everything to the Carabinieri in San Pietro. Then the man ended up, in 2019, under house arrest.