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Stay with me: plot and preview of the fifth episode of the novel Rai 1 with Francesco Arca

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5th weekly rendezvous with ray 1’s best novels

stay with me It continues to broadcast the fifth episode broadcast tonight at 21:25 always on Rai 1. Week after week, the series asserts itself as an entertainment product with its fourth episode garnering good ratings (3,696,000 viewers, 20.7%) winning Sunday evening by beating out competition from other networks. The first Rai network schedule was well defined and at the end of another successful story, God help us 7which ended last Thursday, is yet another product ready to debut, or rather, to bring it back.

stay with me We still have three installments to go before the finale that we hope will provide the answers the game’s protagonists are looking for. Maurizio Di Giovanni and Monica Volo took care of the story respectively the first and the second direction. The cast sees Francesco Arca and Laura Adriani as the main protagonists supported by a young Mario de Leyva.. Let’s get to know the puzzle that this new version of stay with me.

Stay with me, Gianni Fiorito

Stay with me: will Paola and Alessandro finally get back together?

In the previous episode, Alessandro and Paula come to the decision to adopt Diego. The two become very attached to the baby and a strong bond is created between the three. The decision to adopt seems to bring them closer and balance things out between them. Alessandro’s team has to deal with a new theft case: the San Siro relics have been stolen. The main suspect is Daniele Ausiello, a man who – according to Alessandro’s suspicions – must be a member of the “Thermal Plowing Gang”. His premise is further strengthened when the man is hit by a car prior to his arrest. The mole within the team must have alerted the gang.

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Paula discovers that Alessandro lied to her again. Diego’s father, Gennaro, was none other than Alessandro’s informant and that his death could be related precisely to this dual activity of his.. The woman is tired of discovering her husband’s lies and realizes that she can no longer forgive him. However, she is determined to take Diego up for adoption and will wait for the paperwork to be completed before leaving Alessandro. However, she does not know that it is not only this discovery that puts her in trouble.

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